League Winners

Congratulations go to the following League Winners for 2021

Division 1 Cheltenham A

Division 2 Bristol St Andrews A

Division 3 Cam Mills B

Division 4 Barnwood A

Division 5 Frampton on Severn B

i would like to thank all clubs in completing the season and hope to see you at the AGM which will be held on Sunday 7 November 2021 at Pineholt BC starting at 10.30am.

Peter Langley


7 September 2021.

League Application 2022

Applications are invited for any new club or existing clubs to apply to join the League by 30 September.

Applications can be sent by e mail to me at

Would all clubs not joining the League in 2022 please let me know by 30 September.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Peter Langley


10 August 2021