Welcome to the Glory to God webpage!  


Do you have questions about the Catholic Church?  Do you want to go to Catholic events with a group of nice people?  Do you want to surround yourself with people who will love you and build you up?  If this interests you, please join us!

The Glory to God group is about reaching Catholics where they are in their lives and helping to guide them in the direction of Jesus Christ so that their lives will be filled with more peace and joy.  We are a young adult group (ages 18 to 39) that provides a fun, community atmosphere to foster relationships and to grow in our Catholic faith.  We invite you to join us for fellowship, learning, and deep spiritual growth!  

If you are Catholic or interested in learning about the Catholic faith, please contact Racquel Dudzinski at 760-331-4892 or by e-mail racquel.dudzinski@gmail.com.  Let us share with you about his amazing God-filled group!

                                        "Through our actions and our words and with our entire being, we are called to give Glory to God"