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My open letter to Brother Vincent Selvakumar and Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj of Jesus Ministries in India

(See the photos of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj and Bro. Vincent Selvakumar)

My dear brother Vincent Selvakumar and Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj,


Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!  May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.  I write this letter through this email as clearly led by the Spirit of the truth.  I have gone through the “prophetic message” of Bro.Vincent Selvakumar and I offer prayerfully my comments, exposing the falsehood of such messages.  At the end of this message, you claim to be the message of the Holy Spirit, saying “Thus saith the Lord”.  The so-called prophetic message of Brother Vincent Selvakumar is at the following link:




At the outset you claim, “The Bible says, “Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. A lion has roared! Who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken! Who can but prophesy?”(Amos 3:7-8). At a New Year Service televised live to the whole world on Angel TV it pleased the Lord God to reveal through His servant, Vincent Selvakumar, concerning the things to come in 2010”.


Please note that what Vincent Selvakumar has spoken in this message does contradict the Scriptures.  Have you published any evidence of fulfillment of such “prophecies” subsequently?  If so, you may also publish the same in your website. 


You have said, “This is a year of “turning-points.” You will see many turning-points in this year. Turning-points will occur in churches, ministries, politics, and in society. This is a year filled with many turning-points which will be for good and bad. You must get ready to meet these turning-points. Prepare yourself also to enter into the turning-points that will come upon your life…”  Please note that each day there is a turning point in our lives and ministries as the Lord does new things for us daily. What happens yesterday is not repeated today or tomorrow.  You want us to prepare ourselves to enter into these turning points! 


You have said about India, “The spirits of division have begun to descend upon India. Voices crying all over the country for division are going to arise. Such cries are going to arise in every state and in every district. People are going to be divided communally. These are the works of wicked spirits that have risen from hell. These spirits desire to cause havoc in the land. As a result you are going to see communal wars. People will be raging with murderous attitudes. Blood is going to flow like rivers in many places. Ethnic groups are going to rise up against each other….”  Do you mean to tell us that you have got special revelations from the Holy Spirit about such communal wars which we read in the newspapers daily? 


You have said, “People are going to be divided along linguistic groups. This is going to rage throughout the land. These spirits have surrounded borders of the land. The voices crying for division are going to arise. It is going to arise at an alarming manner like you have never seen before. Many states in India are going to lose their peace and their sleep. Many politicians are going to be kidnapped. Some politicians will even be killed. Terrorism is going to be let loose in the land. The powers of division are going to arise greatly in the land.”   Now the year 2010 has gone.  Can you specifically tell us the names of politicians or at least the number of politicians who were kidnapped or killed during the year? You also claim that this was the work of evil spirits. A word of prophecy has to be specific and it should not create confusion in the minds of the people of God. We find in the Acts Prophet Agabus prophesied about a great famine throughout the world and it had taken place. 


You have said, “War is looming around the borders of India. War is being prepared on two fronts. India is going to be attacked by forces from outside the nation as well as from forces from within the nation. The nations who desire to attack India are making cunning plans. These enemies have infiltrated into the land. They have even won many sympathizers within the land. When the enemy comes from the outside to attack the land the forces from within the land will then rise up to attack within the land. India is going to tremble”. Please note that God does not base His prophecies on newspaper reports. You have known from the newspaper/media reports about the Pakistani attacks on our borders through terrorists.


You have stated about “developing nations” without specifying the names of such nations, “These spirits of division have also begun to descend upon developing nations. Many powers of division are going to work in these nations. As a result the developing nations’ progress is going to get hindered. Poverty and famine are going to arise in these nations. Many financial disasters are going to manifest in these nations”. Now the 2010 year is gone and will you please specify those events that had taken place in these nations? 


Touching upon the subject of “a new league of nations, you have said, “There is a fierce people group. It is always resisting against the Lord. It is the spirit of the false prophet. It has deceived a large people group as spoils for itself. Through it a reign of terror is going to let loose in the nations of the world. It is also resisting against the people of God. It desires to shed a lot of blood. This fierce people group is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord”.  How can you say that a particular group of people is an abomination to the Lord?  The sin or the iniquity is an abomination to the Lord.  The spiritual wickedness in the holy place (i.e. sin and iniquity of the chosen people of God) is an abomination to the Lord.  You are just spreading a spirit of hatred against a particular group of people whom you had in your mind.  Please note that Christ died for all the people of this world including this group of peopleYour prophecy contradicts the truth of the gospel that Jesus died for all the nations. 


You have now indirectly referred to the Jihadis of Islam by stating, “This fierce people group has now spread themselves in many nations. Many nations belong to it. These nations have planned to do a thing collectively. As there is a United Nations, likewise these nations are going to form a league. This League will seek itself to be greater than others. For this reason they are going to send terrorists into many nations. Terrorism is going to let loose in USAUK, and in many nations in Europe. Preparatory works for these are going on in secret”. A word of prophecy will predict something that nobody has even foreseen and is not based on published newspaper/media reports or events that this world knows.  You have based your prophecies on the political events that take place focusing on the Muslim fundamental groups. 


You have now switched over to economic events in the so-called prophecies by stating, “Many business corporations, banks, and huge industries are going to collapse. By reducing the financial powers of the established nations this fierce people group will seek to form and strengthen their league. To raise this league quickly this fierce people group is speedily laying the foundation works.”You are now predicting that the Muslim fundamental group would be attacking the economic interests of the world.  It is a known fact and no prophecy is required to reveal a fact already known to the world or to the intelligence agencies of the various governments of the world. 


Referring to this fierce group’s activities in India, you have stated, “This people group is now eyeing India. They are seeking to capture India. They are thinking that India belongs to them. They feel that since they had occupied India once upon a time they should now repossess India. In the days to come terrorism is going to be let loose in India. Terrorists have earmarked the most important cities of India. The attacks which are going to be launched upon India will be disastrous; nothing compared to anything in the past. Many buildings are going to be destroyed.”  Is it a word of prophecy you are making taking the name of our Lord in vain? You have said that the terrorists attacks launched during 2010 would be nothing compared to anything in the past. We did not come across any major attack of terrorists fiercer than the Mumbai attack that had taken place in 2008.


Concerning Europe in general, you have stated, “As the nations of Europe are united economically this fierce people group too has planned to industrialize their nations. Therefore they have now focused on Europe”. It is ridiculous to make such general prophecies taking the Name of the Lord in vain! 


Coming to the Church, you have stated, “A dangerous false teaching is going to come forth from the North and from the West. It will be bringing drowsiness to the hearer. The eyes of those who hear this teaching will become dim from understanding. As a result they will not realize what they are doing. It is going to spread speedily. These false teachers will discard the word of God and speak that which comes forth from their own heart. They have been preparing themselves for nine years. They are going to go forth from this year. They will go into every nation. This dangerous false teaching is going to come into many churches”. Please note that I have already proved in my earlier message about the false doctrines and teachings that you and other evangelists from the west. Kindly download the e-book written by me from this page dealing with their earlier message which was published on the web. 

You have said that they were preparing for nine years.  Can you specify those false doctrines they had prepared and propagated? 


About the so-called false teaching, you have stated, “This teaching will cause division between children and their parents. Those who give heed to this teaching will become spiritually blind. As a result of this teaching a group of people will come to promote a false unity. They will try to use money to lure many churches into this false unity. They are going to rob many poor ministers of God. They are going to provide money to these poor preachers and use them for their gain. A huge group of deceivers are coming. Though they carry a Bible in their hands yet there are lies in their mouths. There is deceit and guile in their hearts. They are not sent by the Lord. They are sent by their father of lust – Satan. The Lord is counseling us to be wary, careful, and watchful against this deception”.  You have simply stated that this false teaching would cause division between children and parents.  If such false teaching had been propagated during 2010, be specific and tell us about these false doctrines so that the people of God can be warned.  What do you mean by “false unity”? 


You have then stated, “However, in the midst of this coming deception God is going to pour out a new anointing that will cause the church to discern the coming deception and to stand against it. You are going to see a new power poured into the church like never before. Prophets and revivalists shall go forth from the churches. God is going to raise up many servants of God. They will open their mouth and speak for God. They will be simple-minded people. They will not lust after big things. They will close their ears to luxury”. Please note that the Spirit of the truth is already here and that there are God appointed five types of New Testament ministers in our midst to expose these false preachers.  What do you mean by a new anointing and a new power as if no such anointing and power is available to the people of God now? 


Turning to the churches, you have said, “Churches open your doors to receive this group. As it was in the days of the Apostles so shall it be in these last days. The miracles will be in such a magnitude that no one will be able to refute. The dead will be raised. People will be called back from the shadow of death. The people whom you do not know are going to call upon the Name of the Lord. Many politicians will get saved. Many leaders of terrorist groups will get saved. Many converted terrorists will begin to work zealously for the Lord”.  You now claim that the days of the apostles would be repeated in these last days.  God has already appointed some as apostles in the Body of Christ and they are living today. Miracles are already taking place in our mission fields. Can you name some politician or terrorists who were saved during 2010 to prove your prophecy? 


You have stated, “As Saul was changed into Paul so will the Lord use the church to change people. The last days are the days of miracles. The church is going to do greater works than the Lord Jesus. The days have come for this new breed of people to arise. That is why Satan is sending forth his deceivers to prevent this group from rising up. When the Lord was preparing Moses in Midian Satan was also preparing his magicians in Egypt. As God gave power to Moses to turn his rod into a snake so were the magicians trained to do the same thing. God is preparing to raise His people. Likewise Satan is also preparing to raise his people to make the people of God feel that their dedication is nothing compared to Satan’s company.” The Church which was born on the day of Pentecost is still with us. It is already changing the lives of the people through the glorious gospel. The Lord has already spoiled the power of Satan on the Cross under the feet of the Church.  There is no such new breed required by the Lord, other than the five types of New Testament ministers to resist the devil in the Name of Jesus Christ.  Are you preaching “another gospel” here? Are you presenting another “jesus” or another spirit here? 


Coming to the natural calamities, you have now stated, “The seas are going to roar again. Angels of God are assigned to shake the seas. The catastrophe that the world saw during the 2004 tsunami was small. At the same time many nations are going to experience tsunami triggered devastations. It may or may not take place this year, but it will shortly take place. The force of the waves will be greater than the 2004 tsunami. Many islands are going to disappear. Many cities and villagers are going to sink into the seas. God is going to hand them over. Before that God is calling people to repent”. You had predicted that the 2004 tsunami which was small might take place this year or shortly and which would be greater than the 2004 tsunami. I presume that some people had taken credit from your message to tell us that God had revealed the tsunami that hit Japan some months ago during 2011. The 2011 tsunami that devastated Japan was lesser than 2004 tsunami as far as its scope and destruction were concerned because many nations were affected and more people lost their lives.  We have now to wait for another tsunami to believe your prophecy. 


Coming to diseases, you have said, “Seven different kinds of diseases are going to come in this year. Some of them are going to come forth from China and Africa. People are going to die in large numbers. It is going to come with force upon India. Out of the seven diseases three will primarily attack children. Except for cold temperate nations all other nations will be plagued by these diseases. Many children are going to die. Many feared the H1N1 (Swine flu) virus. But the diseases that are going to come will make H1N1 virus a child’s play”. Now that 2010 is gone, you can specifically tell us about those seven different kinds of diseases or at least some specific diseases from India. 


Coming to the problem of drinking water, you have predicted, “Problems are going to arise from drinking water. This is going to take place in many nations. It will first begin from a certain state in USA. Many people are going to die from this strange plague found in the water. New diseases will emerge from this problem. Many people’s blood is going to get corrupted from this plague. Man’s heart is going to faint on account of such plagues”.  Now that 2010 year is gone, please tell us specifically in which state of USA there was a problem of drinking water. 


You have predicted the death of innocent children by stating, “Many children are going to die in large numbers. They are going to die in accidents. Many are going to be murdered. Many are going to be kidnapped and killed. Many are going to die from diseases. God is going to use the children in these last days. He is going to use them to put the enemy to flight. The days are soon coming when the Lord is going to use them. Therefore has Satan spread his net to entrap the children. But the Lord will protect the children. When Moses was born the enemy sought to kill all the children so that the deliverer can be destroyed. Behold God is going to use many children like Moses. The enemy’s attacks will begin from this year. Children of believers will be attacked very much. Parents, bring up your children in the fear of God. Keep them under the wings of the Most High God. Only then their lives can be spared”.  You are prophesying death and not life to innocent children whom Jesus loved during His ministry. Strangely enough, you claim that God was going to use these dead children for His purpose. You have injected fear into the hearts of the people of God saying that their children would not be spared by the devil.  Are you giving life or pronouncing death? By nurturing fear in the hearts of the parents of these children, do you expect God to save these children from the devil? Can you quote from the New Testament scriptures to justify your word of prophecy? 


You have prophesied in the name of the Lord, “The smell of fire and destruction is going to arise from many nations in the world. Your eyes are going to see the works of wicked spirits. India and many other nations are going to witness human sacrifices. Many witches and wizards are going to arise. Many people are going to seek and worship Satan. Devil worshippers are going to infiltrate in large numbers into many nations. Dangerous things are going to come. Be watchful”. You are ascribing all the power to the devil by such “prophecies”.  God has already given His power and authority to the Church to trample upon all the power of the enemy. 


At the end, you have observed, “Blessed is the man who waits on God for His power. Blessed is the man who abides in the shadow of the Most High God. Blessed are the people who make their foundation on God. The God who loves His people is also a shelter and strength to them. He is going to do new things through you. Their fingers are going to become as the fingers of God. Their tongues are going to become as the tongues of God. God is going to put His sound in your throat…” My fingers will remain as my fingers and the same cannot take the place of God’s fingers. God has already given us the Holy Spirit to indwell us.  He need not put His sound into my throat. 


Job Anbalagan

I give below a reply received from a dear sister in USA in response to my email sent to her in this regard.

Dearest brother Job,
I have read the article written by brother Vincent and your comments which expose the spirit behind the message.  First his words do not bring hope to people;  whether there is some truth to his message, it holds people in fear.  Secondly, even if he were warning God's people to repent, he shows God to be an angry, unloving God who is going to bring all these calamities and destruction to certain particular places which some of these things have been reported in the media.  I am no expert on prophecy to say the least but God help us if we are swayed by every word that comes out of a prophetic minister especially to cause fear and trepidation.  It is the Lord we should reverence and fear out of a love relationship desiring to obey Him because we know His heart for people.  May the Lord keep us from every deceiving spirit and lead us by the Spirit of Truth who indwells us.  Father give us ears to hear and eyes to see what Your Spirit is speaking to the Church (Your people). amen.
Thank you brother Job for giving us insight as the Spirit of God reveals to you, exposing those things that are somehow twisted.  I hear some messages here from time to time that donot bear witness with my spirit and am grieved because so much is tolerated in the church.  
Please keep us in your prayers.
Hector and Donna Rodriguez USA  

PS: I have not written this letter to my dear brethren in Christ with a view to damaging their image or reputation. I love them in Christ Jesus. But I have to discern their messages on the basis of the New Testament truth and to correct the same. The truth is greater than any individuals. I am praying that the Lord may open the eyes of His servants to the truth of His Word. - Job Anbalagan
Job Thangasamy,
6 Apr 2012, 04:35