Washington Post censoring documented

written by Ms. Gloria Poole, RN of words that WORK LLP, but for myself, today, to protest illegal censorship 

I am posting these comments here because I wrote them in response to a request in The Washington Post a few minutes ago for comments about election polling. The Washington Post refused to post these though they did not say that Christians, Republicans or prolifers are not welcome to post to their space. Of course if they wrote that then they'd be sued immediately by those who say they protect the First Amendment. So they censor on the sly, secretly like the KGB.  You may read what they censored and draw your own conclusions. 

{quoting myself:] 

When the nation wakes up to the reality that polls are a marketing technique to push the election toward or away from a particular candidate, they won't even bother to read them anymore or they will read them as they would read a political ad. Preelection polls are nothing but marketing. They are almost always paid for by a candidate. The details may be hidden through PACs and what is called "soft money" but they are commissioned [ordered as a product] and paid for with taxpayer or private campaign money as part of the marketing or PR campaign to elect a politician. They have no value whatsoever in my opinion because the answers are almost always collected from their list of registered voters and the questions and the answers are very controlled. The poll itself is sort of like the true-false, yes or no type of questions that are written deliberately to achieve a predetermined result. Only GOD's laws are written in stone, the rest are man-made and they should be discussed to the nth degree by all citizens with the capacity to think.    Let me think of an example i.e. poll questions the way I would write them since I am against Hillary Clinton: My Poll:answer these question yes or no: 1) is Hillary Clinton in favor of killing innocents? 2) is Hillary Clinton the wife of man who was almost impeached for adultery, perjury and sexual harassment of an insubordinate? 3) Is Hillary Clinton the NY Senator who has abandoned that post seeking a better paying job? 4) Is Hillary Clinton outspoken in favor of abortion? 5) do birds of a feather flock together? 6) Is a person known by the company they keep? 7) Is Hillary trustworthy?
  I trust this makes my point in more ways than one. Polls are intended to accomplish an agenda. If the news really reported the news they would report the results in actual time, including who voted, how they voted, and with how many votes AFTER all votes were counted, and not predict/spin/push-poll the people. They would also label commentary as that and not as news, and they would not accept propaganda that is paid for by a candidate and label it "news". signed gloria poole, RN

 Today's date is January 14th, 2008 at 12:00 noon, at my residence at 980 Grant St # 707, Denver Colorado 80203 from my privately owned by me, computer.