Proof of Radaremissions
Image added in twice, since the first time it was removed by probably the same illegal interference into my computer.

This image you see here is from my digital camera that happened today, April 28,2008,

when I photographed my computer screen that had  a "paint file" with my computer generated painted signature of Gloria in red script. When I photographed it there was a white screen background with my red signature and NO black bars. The black bars appeared on the camera image! But not on the computer screen! I was sending it to "my album" on my TMobile fone blog that is on several websites of mine and you may also see it there.
I think the camera must have captured what computer experts called "radaremissions"  sent by the Pentagon to disrupt my work or the uploading of my images of my paintings or my files to MY websites or blogs. Computer repair shops told me of radaremissions last year when my MAC computer was destroyed by them after I started protesting Hillary Clinton by name, and the computer repair shops told me that as far as they knew, only the US government has the technology to send redaremissions to specfic computers to attempt to scramble the harddrive or disrupt internet service.

I am saving this for proof. The original image is stored in several places to compare this too. I am documenting every time there is illegal interference into either my privately owned computer or my privately owned digital camera. signed gloria poole, RN and artist.

 Today's date is Monday April 28th, 2008 and I am adding this to this website at 1: 40 pm.