Protesting government hackers & fake news, and censorship

Illegal censors of most likely the US Congress are hacking into my work and censoring it .Official protest page 

 Please visit this link to my page protesting the spin on the news of The Washington Post and their illegal censorship and the other links document illegal censorship of the Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post, and the Microsoft organization. I am a US citizen, a Registered Nurse, a prolifer and a Republican. Is the US a nation only for those groups that go along to get along with evil? Did those same newspapers also censor the words of the abolitionists in the 1800's? Did they also censor the words of the Christians calling for an end to the Holocaust in Germany by intervention of the US allies? Did they also censor the words of those who wanted fair treatment of those Indians captured in the West during the Indian uprisings? Does censorship of opposing opinions help the US or hurt it? If you are smart enough to find this page, you are smart enough to reason the answers. signed gloria poole, RN

Washington Post illegal censorship documented

And my page to protest Microsoft for attempting to censor my words is on this website of mine:

 And my protest of the illegal censorship by the Rocky Mojntain News is on my blog at:

Gloria Poole, RN, artist,writer, etc,etc,etc

Proof of hosting company defrauding me and defaming my name and reputation

Proof of Radaremissions sent to prevent my work on my own private computer

Proof of illegal censorship by the Rocky Mountain News in several entries on my blog at: .

My complaint against for their tricks and treachery and deceit when hosting some domains for me is on this page and also on [This website is down because of treachery and attempted identity theft of my name and Limited Liability Partnership of Life Media & Publishing LLP ®  by of Pennyslvania. ]

This news below is the previous documentation that this site was begun to document. I am adding to it, because I intend to make my point to the American people that the mainstream news services are not news services at all, but political machinery of the democratic party. Incidentally, the US is not a democracy. We are intended to be a republic that elects officials to represent us and votes on Amendments to the Constitution. Read the Constitution and the Amendments on this site, Vote Prolife,Human Life is Sacred

This below is the original words of this protest page. Some things have changed obviously. I had to buy a fourth computer and get a different type of internet connection to be able to protest Hillary.  

I do not use the Apple Computer any longer because it was purposely disabled [fried, hacked] by radaremissions  in the spring of 2007 for protesting Hillary Clinton.  

 I have "cleaned" my files and I have a Macintosh computer that is supposedly not prone to viruses but is illegally networked to every government and university computer in the world apparently.Those who hack into privately computers are law-breakers.and should not be called "law makers" . Breaking federal cyber crime laws is still a crime even if the guilty person or ngois working out of the Legislative office building in Washington DC, or out of the Mayor of Denver's office,or from the City of Englewood Colorado government offices;  or from the "new" taxpayer provided public access that took over the DCTV production in Denver. Update as of 25-May-2009 I have not used an Apple Computer since about May 2007, FYI.

Today I found several "groups" and "aliases" that I did not  recognize on my computer and I am the owner/admnistrator or my work. 

There are no authorized users on this privately  owned computer who are working for/ with any government anywhere. 

Government hackers beware! 

You are going to get caught by the FBI and your name will be the next one published in the news as having endured an FBI search with a 

warrant. The groups that tried to steal my  name site of may be guilty too, because they do not want others to see what the owner of that entity looks like. .I am white and not black but there was a black woman who tried to shut down my bulletin board for DCTV that I provided at because I protested her usurpation of operating funds for her self and also  the idea that a minister's wife could promote killing of innocents as a "right" as she did, and face God every day. She let it be known to  all of us who produced TV programming  from the old DCTV studios that she had friends in high places in the Denver City Council.

    Also today I wanted to upload MY photos to my pages* and I looked at them first to be sure they are upright when I preview them

but when I attempt to upload them, it inverts the photos every time or puts them on their side. The government censors work

for the wicked  terrorist group of Planned Parenthood because they have tried to censor my photos since I uploaded the image of 

my painting," A Different Perspective on 9/11" that showed that the cause of 9/11 tragedy as the Planned Parenthood worldwide-

annihilation-of-humans-office in NYC. I know for certain that the government of Englewood Colorado uses its power to

censor,  illegally censoring and  "restricting" my work because they told me so. Congress woman Diana DeGette uses their library to 

promote her baby killing efforts, and I oppose her and the demoncrats are trying to hide her wickedness.

Hacking into my work to censor it,is illegal for two reasons: 1) because I am working from my own place and on my private computer, 

and not theirs; and prior restaint of First Amendment rights for US citizens is a violation of the US Bill of Rights; and

2)  because a government that provides services and equipment with taxpayer's money is supposed 

to provide equal opportunity to all citizens . {the 14th Amendment}

Update as of 25-May-2009:

you may see my photos of me and also of some of my original paintings/sketches/drawings/genre photography at these sites of mine: [my genre photography] [some of my genre photography on the pages including photo of me ] [some of my original sketches ] [Gloria Poole is my real name with some of my original sketches on pages] [some of my original sketches]

Links to other pages on this site:

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Proof of Washington Post Censorship of my First Amendment liberties or at if link is absent or broken;

Proof of Radaremissions against my computer that only US Patriot Act could authorize [by the dems in other words]

or at if link is absent or broken;


Legal Notice; there is NO Tapestry of LIFE TV show since 2005 and I did not renew the Limited Liability Partnership of it since there would be no point to that, and instead spun off the publishing part of it into Life Media & Publishing LLP®  which is a partnership of me Gloria Poole and my oldest daughter Jennifer Borelli of Nebraska and my youngest daughter Leigh Bills of Missouri.  Of course words that WORK,LLP ® always belonged to us three and began in the state of Georgia and it means words that WORK for the glory of GOD.

This webpage and this google account is owned by me Gloria Poole of Denver CO 80203/80206; and created by me also, FYI.