Some of my sketches I sketched

Sketch for "The Scotsman" oil painting, sketch& photograph by Gloria Poole; gloriapoole

Above is my sketch I sketched/painted when trying to decide how I wanted the painting "The Scotsman" to look. I painted "the Scotsman" in oils and modified it later. It is on another page of this website, FYI. Sketch & photograph by Gloria Poole; gloriapoole; All rights reserved to all images, paintings, sketches, drawings, words, poems, websites,photographs, "intelectual property" created by me Gloria Poole of Missouri, including all works created in other states I lived in also.Copyright notice; Gloria Poole; gloriapoole; 15-Nov-2011 ; 11:29am; Missouri.
Zara Phillips=from-BBC-news-when-competing-w-my-notes-sketch-notes-photograph- by Gloria Poole-gloriapoole

This sketch above is supposed to be "Zara Phillips" as she competed in equestrian event; with my notes to myself that if I did redo of it to use different pen/nib! Sketched then photographed by Gloria Poole.

Seashells-sketch-2011-watercolors; Gloria Poole

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