Photographing GOD's work-- plants, ferns, flowers, skies,cows, sunsets, trees , etc ,etc, etc:
This page is  some of my original photography, that I photograph as I walkabout of GOD's handiwork.This page is photographs not  paintings,sketches or drawings FYI.

gardens;wrought iron bench;Sept 2011; photo-by-gloriapoole;Gloria Poole

birdbath in gardens;Sept 2011; Missouri;photo-by-gloriapoole;Gloria Poole

I photographed these flowers few years ago.It's one of my favorite photos still. Enjoy some  of the beauty of the world GOD creates. 

This flower is called an orchid.  Photograph by gloriapoole  April 2009:

gardens; Sept 2011; photo-by-gloriapoole; Gloria Poole


Holstein cows in pasture in Missouri; Sept 2011;photo-by-gloriapoole;Gloria Poole

 Photo above is Holstein cows in a pasture in Missouri. I took this photo one day in Sept 2011. Gloria Poole ="photo-by-gloriapoole".