Page 4, more of my original paintings I painted, includes some sketches:
Paintings by Gloria Poole, artist since 1973. Contact me via email of <gloriapoole at gmail> ;   and or my landline phone in Missouri that is listed in telephone directory under residences and in my name; or this google call me widget supplied to me by Google, GOD bless 'em:

Scroll for more of my paintings and sketches; and links to see more. Not to worry--always decent,always law-abiding! Some of my ethnic sketches: 



Japanese Kimona Lady sketch in acrylics only, painted by Gloria Poole,when I lived at Aurora Colorado but I live in Missouri now since Oct 31,2009.


Korean Guitarist, sketch only in prep for painting in oils for ethnic paintings, painted  by Gloria Poole; gloriapoole, copyright all images of my paintings! 2008

 Some More of My Paintings I painted:

&quot;The Cross&quot; oil painting painted by Gloria Poole.



&quot;The Old Savannah Trolley&quot; acrylic painting painted by Gloria Poole, yr  2004
 Above is one of my acrylic paintings that I painted entitled "old Savannah Trolley" from a scene I saw when I visited relatives in Savannah GA; but I added the crosses because I wanted too. Painted by Gloria Poole. yr 2004.

My signature as it typically looks on my paintings and when I am writing; and not typing on a keyboard.