Roses-my-hand-photo-by-gloriapoole;Oct 2011
This photo is of roses as they are fully opened; and that is my left hand in photo. photo-by-gloriapoole;Oct 2011; Missouri

Tree on walkabout w red glowing object visible through leaves; oct 2011; photo-by-gloriapoole
Above is a tree close to where I live, and a red glowing object is visible through the leaves. Also remember, this page is PHOTOGRAPHS I, Gloria Poole, took, and are originals and I own the copyright to all works I create including photographs, paintings I paint, sketches & drawings I draw /sketch; words I write, "intellectual properties" I create originally whether or not I photograph them or add them to any site/blog/album/website of mine whether in my name of Gloria Poole or in business/mission names belonging to me.
My Photography I photograph as walkabout, but this pg is not paintings or sketches, or drawings but PHOTOGRAPHS I took:


This is a walkway I saw in Jefferson City Missouri, and it is so astonishingly beautiful that I photographed it

 to  share with you.  Please don't steal it however!

This second image is also my PHOTOGRAPH, not yet a painting, but I probably will paint it

in time. It is the garden behind the Missouri Governor's Mansion.

 This third image is also my photograph of the walkway between the Governor's Garden and the

green plant w red berries I saw on walkabout; Oct 2011;photo-by-gloriapoole

purple Irises- photo-by-gloriapoole

Trees near me; photo-by-gloriapoole;Oct-2011

This is the first time I posted the photographs I took to paint from, but the photos are pretty and I am not sure when I will get these painted, since I have a 48 X 60 painting in progress, and more of the ethnic series to paint. Therefore since summer is approaching and the gardens are so beautiful,you could enjoy the photographs as well. These are photographs of real gardens and not paintings, be sure you understand. I often paint from my imagination but these photos I took because I wanted to paint these scenes. There is a difference,and I want you to understand.

This images were photographed me= Gloria Poole, also known extensively on the web as 'gloriapoole'. Also the paintings on the other pages were painted by me over years of time, since I started painting when I first became a Registered Nurse to de-stress myself.

my-signature-2011; "Gloria" of "Gloria Poole"; gloriapoole;Missouri;Copyright

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