More of my paintings I painted:
My photos of my original paintings that I, Gloria Poole, paint with oils and acrylics, sometimes watercolors,powdered pastels, pen/inks, pencils.

 "The Dove of the Holy Spirit" acrylics; 2006 by Gloria Poole:



This is my huge oil painting entitled "the Schloss" that is 4 ft across and five ft tall and is on my dining room wall. 
"The Schloss" oil painting painted by Gloria Poole; 48 x 60 in size; yr 2008

This sketch below is my imitation of Renoir in acrylics:

All paintings' images and all photography on this website and on other websites [see below] are the original paintings and where it is a photograph of a scene instead of a photograph of a painting, I point that out to you.

Gloria Poole

mailing address: Missouri

by email: gloriapoole AT; [publicly known about me email, though I have isp email and other emails not published].

Or on my google call me widget at:

I quit publishing my cell phone numbers after a criminal tried to steal my entire TMobile foneblog and also other photo albums of my genre photography. TMobile knows about this and hopefully, so do the Federal agencies that regulate cell phones and internet services. I have the photos of my paintings and my photographs on other sites as well as on TMobile fone blog. I am adding this note in here todayJuly 16th, 2008 because I am concerned that MY phone page [where my TMobile foneblog is supposed to be} what replaced by a thief named "John Doe" .} if you go to the TMobile fone blogs for my site where it was you will see in the top right corner the name John Doe. There is no man living with me, nor working with me in any capacity; and there is no person by the name of John Doe in my family. The name of John Doe is most likely a pseudonym for the would-be thief and hacker. Don't be deceived. A person who would try to steal my phone number, my images of my paintings and my accounts is a rotten no-good criminal. Here is where my Tmobile fone blog is supposed to be and my comments about it vanishing, my cut and paste from my computer comments on the 12th when I discovered my foneblog was missing:

"My TMobile blog but unsure if correct address since it was down for a few days: [correction: that url is one that was provided to me by a supposed employee of "T-Mobile" in yr 2008 when it had the cyber-hacker's name on it. Since then the new url address of that foneblog is: 

but every cell phone I have has been broken into repeatedly by cybercriminals stealing photos & text messages. I do not know the status of that foneblog but do know that is where it is supposed to be. [per T-Mobile].
7:09 PM 7/12/2008
Repeated from the domains I had forwarded to my TMobile fone blog since some jerk/cyber-criminal/violent/pyschopath named
"John Doe" apparently tried to steal my TMObile account. Where are the feds when you need them?

Update as of 11-May-2010: according to T-Mobile my fone blog I created on my T-Mobile phone is at: or at I have not tested either of these addresses but they sent me a text msg about them.

You may see some of the same images on my picasaweb site at:

Pray for me that the wicked  who are always trying to steal will go to prison and soon! I know I will be a very happy woman when that wicked second EXhusband of mine goes to the federal penitentiary for identity theft, theft of copyrighted works, theft of financial accounts in 2004,2005,2006, theft of property, use of illegal substances including coc-aine, and domestic violence against me three times that injured me and about four other times that I was able to avoid injury.


On this site and also the foneblog, and the and glorias-virtual-gallery, there are my words accompanying each painting telling name of painting; or my remarks about it.

These sites listed below in small print  are some of the domains that i bought and created with my original content that cybercriminals stole from me by breaking into my computers to steal confidential info such as contact emails and bank info.  I am leaving them here for documentation for law enforcement: [stolen by Gloria Steinem radical femi-nazi abortionist who no doubt thought it would ruin me.]



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 Below is my pen drawing I drew before I painted  the painting I later painted in oils named The Sultan:




and other sites with my original paintings,sketches and drawings on them. This is not a comprehensive list of them. 

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