This is my painting's image [I have the painting on my wall]. The image you see here was stolen when I sent it the first two times from my camera. Why it is controversial I do not know! The lighthouse is one of a series of Lighthouse paintings.

Also I uploaded several [maybe 10] images [photographs of my original paintings] last evening [April 21st 2008] to what is supposed to be my cyber-storage, and they also vanished! I was not happy and notified the proper authorities. 

 Update on 11-April-2012: I  had 700 photos that I photographed stolen from my folder on my Apple desktop in December 2011 that are my family photos of my 2 daughters and their young children. I reported the theft of them to Apple Computers, to my isp and to the FBI. That was not the first theft of my photographs. Entire albums of 2 gb of photos were stolen from me by in Oct 2008; and by Apple computers [via the 'icloud', apparently] on-going from when bought new Apple in Jan 2011 to Dec 2012,;and by cybercriminals who orchestrated their effort to try to annihilate me literally and force me off the web [because I am CHRISTIAN & heterosexual and published Bible verses reminding them that sodomy is a sin as defined in Leviticus 18:22, King Jsmes Holy Bible].

The Zephyr is my painting of a schooner that is similar to one that was above my grandmother's mantle when I was little.  

 This painting is sold but I painted this in Atlanta GA, and it is signed by me. It was almost the very first oil painting I painted though I did paint more in Atlanta, GA. This is named "The Zephyr" by my youngest daughter who is now all grown up and married and named Leigh Bills . "The Zephyr" in oils by Gloria Poole, 'gloriapoole'. If you look close you can see my signature on this in the bottom right corner.All photographs of mine/ images were added to my blog by me Gloria Poole  [gloriapoole] contact me info on contact page; or email me at However, note: there is or was a photo with a "trick" pop-under that I discovered on 13-Nov-2011@ 11:40am and hopefully deleted thoroughly. I did not put pop-under trick stuff on any website ever and do not appreciate it when scam persons/cybercriminals do that sort of thing ! 

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