Sketch for "mandarin Orange Lady' oil painting; by Gloria Poole;gloriapoole;Copyright
This sketch is my first attempt at "mandarin Orange Lady" that I redid into an oil painting by the same name. Sketch by Gloria Poole;Copyright.Gloria Poole; gloriapoole; Missouri;13-Nov-2011@11:59 includes all intellectual properties. See copyright on another page this website. 

Architecturl sketch by Gloria Poole;Snellville GA; in 1990's; gloriapoole
 This is an attempt by me to do an architectural rendering when I lived in Snellville GA in the late 1990"s. Sketch by Gloria Poole;Copyright. All paintings, words, poems, essays, photographs,sketches, drawings, "intellectual properties" created as originals by Gloria Poole since 1973. Gloria Poole; gloriapoole; also copyrighted internationally including U K, Canada, Germany, E.U; any other country where my photographs may have been imported by anyone. The "works I create are originals that I own all rights too Gloria Poole; Missouri; 15-Nov-2011; 11:50am; in Missouri; includes all pages and images of this website and all websites/blogs/sites/pages/tweets/ in any form,font,format, from any device whether desktop, camera, cell phone cameras, netbook, tablet, ipod touch, any electronic device yet to be created. ALL RIGHTS to ALL INTELLTUAL PROPERTIES CREATED by GLORIA POOLE [gloriapoole] of Missouri and including any place she has lived are retained by me Gloria Poole. COPYRIGHT NOTICE this website and all content. 


Remember this:

Creativity is of GOD

All my paintings done in any location,

Atlanta, St Simons Island Ga, Denver, Aurora, Co;Missouri

are my original works, painted by me,and

signed by me will have a signature  similar if not exactly as the one you see below. My signature varies some depending on  the space I am trying to write it in and the medium --whether inks,or paint, or computer-generated. I have not quite mastered the computer graphics to write my name but I practiced a bit with creating graphics on a computer software program. You could see those at 

My signature is in red script on this page and the home page,and on some paintings,sketches,drawings, blogs and websites and emails of mine of this website ; though each painting is signed separately and when I consider the painting completed and always has the paint I had on my brush at the time. Usually I also sign my sketches but some sketches of mine were stolen and I am not sure if they were signed.They were earlier works of mine and someone plundered my portfolio. Also, my signature looks a bit different on some paintings if I signed them after major trauma to me or if the person who was threatening my life was in my apartment at the time, who was trying to force me to make my created works a method of him stealing them [not recognizable with my known signature in other words]. But since I reason my fingerprints are all over what I paint,draw,sketch it would be easy to prove them and because I photograph them at the time finished as a general rule. 

children giggling; red ink sketch by Gloria Poole;gloriapoole;Missouri;Missouri
This sketch above is in sepia/ red ink and entitled "Little boy & little girl have a secret" or "Children giggling" ; sketch by Gloria Poole; gloriapoole

Images of my paintings I create are copyrighted. August 2007,

gloria poole,


more paintings below:

Flowers, oil pastels


The Zephyr,painting in oils, by gloria poole in Atlanta GA in the 1990's. I am adding this here in bold


letters because someone has tried to block this image repeatedly, but I painted this and the image of it  belongs to me entirely !

all my paintings, images of my paintings, and copyrights of my paintings belong to me, Gloria Poole gloriapoole®; more paintings below and also a link to my photographs of scenery page.

Birthing a Baby, oils, begun 2005 , finished 2007

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"Dove of the Holy Spirit"


"Fraulein" a sketch


I do have pages of my photography that are images of photographs of nature, like churches, flowers, scenery, architecture, storms, sunsets;[someone has been hacking into this website apparently as there were images missing but I readded them]  and you may see them at the link below. I often photograph scenery when I go anywhere and then maybe even years later, paint the scene with my artistic version of it, onto canvas.

Some of my photos only websites [meaning photos of things I see in nature and not of my paintings that I paintm there is a difference and I have both kinds of websites]:

See some of my photographs of scenery; these I intend to paint from at some point.

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