Contact Me

I have permanently moved to Missouri. You may contact me [Gloria Poole] in several ways:
by postal mail to Missouri;
by email to :
<gloriapoole (at)> or
other emails;
 or via my landline tel phone in Missouri; 
or via my google permanent numbers that are on some websites
or via my cell phones; or via this widgit supplied by google, 

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 The way this call me widgit works is that you click the widget, and it opens dialog box, and you enter your name and telephone number, then they call my number and when I answer, they connect the call. Thank GOD for Google for providing these for me.

Remember there is no artist's agent for me [not ever authorized]. Also, there is no one representing me in any way and there never was in Colorado. I moved from Colorado on Oct 31, 2009 and would not move back there for any reason. It is a heathen state run by those who hate GOD and who hate those who love God. 

 I do not have family in Colorado and I never had business partners in Colorado.My only two 'children' who are grown daughters never lived in Colorado. For what it is worth, if you are looking for a place to move too, avoid Colorado--it's an evil climate there where godless people live.

I am not in hiding for any reason though many people thought that was the 'solution' to a violent exhusband. He is my second exhusband, FYI.  I am not hiding--send him to prison! That is the correct response to domestic violence not hiding away the victims of injuries! 
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