Creativity Is a  Gift from GOD


3 flowers painted on 16th April 2017 by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of/in  Missouri
I, gloriapoole / Gloria Poole,Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri/artist/photographer/author/cartoonist/illustrator/writer/prolife activist/personhood promoter/ republican/twice-divorced/white/Christian WOMAN/mother of 2 grown daughters painted the above painting and all paintings on this entire account and sites and blog and I own all copyrights to it. COPYRIGHT. Gloria Poole /gloriapoole. Missouri. 29 April 2017 at 4:39pm

Birthing a Baby


above; entitled "The Shepherd", I painted in Atlanta Ga in 1995,acrylics.The top painting is an oil painting I painted entitled 'birthing a baby." I also have another painting in oil I painted and named "Midwife' and you may see that painting on my blog at:

Copyright notice for Gloria Poole / Gloria / gloriapoole / Gloria Poole, RN, artist/ Ms Gloria Poole / artist-gloriapoole / gloria-poole / gloria.poole / gloriapoole-paintings / PooleGloria

I painted the paintings 'birthing a baby' and also "Midwife'

in an effort to encourage people to have babies and to promote the prolife cause. I also added medical photos of the tiniest babies to another site of mine so you could see how human they are early on in human development in the womb. Those medical photos are on this site of mine: and I ask you to please also see those photos and please always vote for the prolife candidate who votes prolife !


This painting below is entitled "The Sultan" and is one of the first I painted in my "ethnic series" of paintings beginning 2007. I want/intend too to paint a painting of each group of people [those with a common ancestry and tongue, and culture] to show that all humans are HUMAN! And that all are loved by GOD. This image may be floating around in cyberspace too, because today when I added it to this website, I had to send it TWICE before it got to where I could upload it! The first 'send'  vanished! It said it was sent but it did not get to my space for it, so I resent it. I am not happy when my images of my original paintings are stolen!  If you magnify the images you will see my signature on them. This is oil on canvas board, 16 X 20. NOTE:  THE ETHNIC SERIES OF OIL PAINTINGS ARE PAINTINGS I PAINTED AND SIGNED AND PHOTOGRAPHED BUT THEY ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE. Also, note that I HAVE possession of all ethnic series oil paintings I have ever painted and also the sketches for #ethnic series I create beginning in year 2006. 

This painting above I named "The Sultan". It is one of a series of ethnic paintings and is oils in size 16 x 20.

"The Scotsman" in another in that series  and it is on this page. Scroll to see it. These paintings are 16 X 20.  "


Gilded Roses


my signature;

scroll down for more new paintings


"The Club" pictured is painted  from a photo I took  on the coast of Georgia, with artistic license; 

with shrimp boat behind the club house.Is not framed. Click links below to see more of my paintings:

See three photos on the link below of scenery that was so beautiful that I plan to paint on canvas in my "artistic license":

See some of my scenery photos I took that are not yet paintings but I plan to paint from them

These links below are pages on this website that have images of my already painted paintings:

More of my paintings

House on Cliff Bay, my original painting and others

More Paintings

Page 4

More of my photography at this site:

More of my Photography

Photographing GOD's work of flowers and skies

MORE OF MY PAINTINGS BELOW, and also my photograph of myself,

 This is my photo of my painiting I painted named "Old Savannah Trolley' from a scene I saw when I visited some relatives in Savannah GA some years ago and kept sort of in my mind until I painted it:

MORE OF MY PAINTINGS BELOW; below my painting I painted entitled "The Scotsman" that is not of a real person;  and also see the explanation about that odd brown thing sticking out behind it, in this  photo that seems to be the proof of someone either breaking into my dwelling and 'borrowing' my painting to photograph it then returning it to me while I was out of town perhaps, and then somehow by cybercrime adding it to my photos or to this site itself. Because if you look at my photo of one of my original oil paintings  I painted named The Scotsman [same painting but background is different] at this site of mine [since down because cyberthugs broke into all my webhosting accts]  you will see immediately what  I am talking about and why I left the odd photo below  on this site as proof of something :

"The Scotsman" oils, 16 X 20, Spring,2007 

Update to this paragraph below on 4 June 2014: All domains I ad for years 2003 -2011 were stolen from me by criminals who broke into my web-hosting accounts. I do not own any domains now but do have blogs and websites still. 

 Compare this photo by unknown hacker into my account with my photo of my painting [same painting] at my site: . I am saving this image here because that brown thing you see sticking out from behind my painting in this image to the left is proof of the hacker that was trying to upload his image to my website to steal my website and name! I do not know how he knew when I was uploading my image of my painting to try to "sync" his fraudulent image [whatever is on that brown thing sticking from behind my painting] with mine,unless the spying on my computer is 24/7; but I think there is an investigation into hacking my computer and/or websites. You could see it more like it really looks at and click the link "The Scotsman" and it should open up to large format and not have that brown thing sticking from behind it. Also whoever hacked this website also tried to slam my cellphone and was somehow using my cell phone to make his calls because numbers I did not recognize and had never called showed  up when I signed into my online account to download my address book! Remember cell phones run on software and apparently it is possible for them to be hacked. Pay attention to your account because some retailers in Denver Co are not reputable and will sell your cell phone info for $20. Denver is a city where it seems the majority of citizens are not moral or are illegals working to make a fast buck. Be aware. See update paragraph above this one and add this update: on 4 June 2014 at 6:34pm: I am leaving this paragraph for legal documentation, especially since there were several efforts today as I was login in to block me from logging in, including a black guy who said he was calling from "Lee's Summit" [to try to connect to my computer] . This same photo of an oil painting that I painted and still own and have in my possession [as I do have all of these paintings] is also displayed on other blogs of mine including and and also 

Here is that painting I painted and named "the Scotsman" as it normally looks when criminals are not trying to superimpose it over their trick files:

"The Scotsman" oil painting painted by Gloria Poole in yr 2007.

See page 2 "More of my paintings"

and page 3, reminder, "Creativity is of GOD" ."

I have previously had articles about my art published and public displays of my paintings and sketches in GA, and one of my original paintings entitled "The hand of GOD" was in the Eskine Caldwell Museum in Newnan GA. It is my artistic interpretation since no one has seen the hands of GOD but The BIBLE often refers to the hand of GOD. Also my original painting entitled The Angel with guitar may be or was in the St Simons Island GA Museum. I left it there after framing it for that purpose and a friend was supposed to transport it to the museum for me . Here is a thumbnail of that painting I painted entitled, Angel with Guitar,about 6 ft tall X 4 ft:  


"The Hand of GOD"; my painting as described above paragraph.About six ft tall X 4 ft wide:

Leaving this paragraph for law enforcement but I do not live in Colorado since Oct 31,2009 when I moved to Missouri:The USPS Service "supervisor" of my old Post Office Box in the zip code of 80201 that was my P O Box for the years of 2002-2007, admitted that they issued a key to my PO Box to a thief of my mail, and though I had changed the key they continued to hand the mail over the counter to the same thief and told me it was my "employee" but I do not have employees and never did! And complaining about the USPS to the supposedly proper person brought a person to "investigate" who could not and did not bother to even look up who owned my PO BOX [me] and the spelling of my name. Why am I telling you this on this website? Why not? More importantly, IF you should get a false response from sending mail to me or an contact from someone telling you that they are the "president" of my work or my agent, that would be an attempted thief to steal your ??? [money or info would be my guess]. I do not have a President of any of my work, nor do I have an agent of my art/paintings. I am the ONLY "executive" of any my work, [words that WORK,LLP®,, Life Media & Publishing LLP®, and also the only person authorized to sell any of my work or my paintings. Some of my pencil sketches [5-6 sketches/drawings] were stolen since Spring of 2007 so beware of that. I tell you all of this because I am trying to prevent anyone from being defrauded by an illegal and immoral person attempting to use my name or works for evil. I am Christian, and reputable and honest and I want you to know this info. Some of my paintings were stolen from St Simons Island,GA [about 8-10 of them]. You may see some images of the paintings that are missing at  The FBI and the Interpol Police know of this. Do not trade in stolen art. The penalties are prison. Update to this paragraph on 4 June 2014 at 6:21pm: I am leaving this paragraph here as legal documentation about the U S Pot office in Denver CO 80201 giving my U S mail to persons not related to me and not authorized to pick up my mail for years 2007-2010.

My correct mailing address is in Missouri and in my name of:

Gloria Poole

Missouri; Remember that there is NO one in Colorado that represents me in any way and I have no family in Colorado, and I never had business partners in Colorado. I moved from Colorado on Oct 31, 2009.

More of my photographs of my paintings  I painted  are/were on these websites of mine that were stolen and that the content of them was also stolen by of Pennsylvania and their crime accomplices . I am leaving this paragraph for documentation of that theft from me and for law enforcement: Update as of 16-May-2009: I know that some of these websites are down because cybercriminals hacked into an internet account of mine for the purpose of stealing my photos of my original paintings, and genre photographs and my name and websites, but GOD is bigger and more powerful than they are, and GOD knows the truth and I will get them back. So I am leaving these here as documentation that these belong to me and that I have not sold them nor transferred them to anyone and do not intend to do either of those. I have reported the attempted theft of my identity and name and websites to law enforcement. Update on 13-Nov-2011 @ 9:55am : I am leaving this paragraph as legal documentation for law enforcement to print and use as evidence of thefts into my hosting accounts by cyber-criminals, since all of the domains in this paragraph were stolen FROM me by criminals breaking into my hosting accts::

ALL OF THESE DOMAINS WERE STOLEN FROM ME WHEN THUGS TRIED KILL ME WITH A VEHICLE IN JUNE 2011: [repository site;click name of each to open] [repository site] [repository site] [with some of my ethnic paintings in plain view] [some of my pencil/pen/ink/charcoal drawings  ] [repository site]

Images of the paintings I painted in St Simons Island GA that were stolen from a locked storage room there are :

This photo below is Me, Gloria Poole, and is a selfie in yr 2011 at my apt in Missouri sitting before the first batch of ethnic paintings I painted, and in my alcove I use as a drawing space. On the web I usually write my name as "gloriapoole" but I also write it in other ways including gloria0817; gloria-poole ; gloria.poole ; gpoole817

I took this photo of myself  to add to some of my websites with images of my paintings particularly and to websites because there was much wrangling over who I am and what my name is.I have updated my photos on several of my sites. There is a reason why I am leaving this photo on this site. But it is me too.

Gloria Poole is my real name! This photo below is me, that I took with a self-timer on my camera, few months ago, after having been hit by a van that tried to run over me in June 2011; and after having endured/survived 7 years [Dec 2002-Oct 2009] in the horrible state of Colorado where felons,murderers, drug-addicts are pampered,molly-coddled & preferred to Registered Nurses, because felons,murderers, drug-addicts there pay lots of "fines" to lots of people there to stay at liberty. My 2nd exhusband is in that latter category and he told me that paying huge fines & bribes is 'the cost of doing business" [for dealing cocaine] in Colorado and doesn't upset him at all. I am ashamed that i was fooled by him. I did not know his character. So anyone considering marriage should get a background check on the person. Learn from my mistakes. I tried to "redeem" him because I am anti-drug and he tried to kill me because of it.

I am so glad that I survived that ungodly state! I moved to Missouri on Oct 31,2009. Gloria Poole, yr 2011: 

This is my photo of me, sitting in front of some of my ethnic paintings that were on my wall of my apt in Missouri  as gallery for 2 yrs. I still have all of these oil paintings that I painted  . NONE OF THOSE PAINTINGS BEHIND ME ON MY WALL IN MISSOURI ARE OF REAL PEOPLE. I CREATED THEM WITH A PAINT BRUSH AND OIL PAINT ON CANVAS BOARD.