Yesterday, Today, & Forever

Coming in October 2012

I borrowed the image from Gloria's personal Facebook page. I did so without asking first and if she disapproves, I will gladly remove it. This is her book, one I have waited long for as well, that will be coming out in October. I look forward to reading it and hearing all about it from her. It has been too long since I worked not only on this page, but contacted Gloria. I hope to be in contact with her again soon and pray the she and her family and friends are all well.

Joseph A Sanders

The book is available for order from 
You can search Amazon or you can follow the link below. 

The voice of an Angel !

Thank you so much for the Un-official (but now officially Approved!) site you created for my music.
I'm very impressed


Gloria Loring is going to be a star - Carol Burnett
Quote from the LP Today 1968

Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts.
And we are never, ever the same.
-- Anonymous

Christmas may be over, but it's never to late to give the gift of music to yourself or a friend.
Gloria Loring's Newest CD A Playlist is available now on her website.

Give someone you love the gift of music
While you are at it, buy yourself a copy to enjoy.

Song Clips From "A Playlist"

A Playlist

Track Listing:

1. Turn the Page
2. Slow Dancing
3. Tonight I Celebrate My Love for You
4. Is There Anybody Out There
5. Barely Breathing
6. Fixing a Hole
7. I Always Will
8. Song of My Father
9. Wind Beneath My Wings
10. Friends and Lovers - Duet with Carl Anderson
11. How Do I Live Without You/Con Te Partiro
12. The Prayer - Duet with Robin Thicke

BORN: December 10, 1946, New York, NY

Gloria lives in Lake Arrowhead, California with her husband, television production designer, René Lagler. 

"Gloria Loring is one of the most pure
musical talents in mainstream pop today."
- Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

Body, Breath & Mind


Gloria presents three simple techniques that can change the way you deal with stress. These practices combine breath awareness with relaxed attention to help move you away from stressful thoughts and feelings to an inner place of peace. Incorporating even one of these techniques in the daily routine can shift your response to challenges. Available for order on her website.

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Thank You

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Would you like an Autographed Photo of Gloria Loring? You can order this from her website for $10. The proceeds from this sale goes to JDRF. For more information see her website at


"Today" MGM Records, 1968
"And Now We Come to Distances," Evolution Records 1970

"Sing a Song for the Mountain," Evolution Records 1972
"A Shot in the Dark," Only Silk Records, 1983
"Gloria Loring," Atlantic Records 1986
"Full Moon/No Hesitation," Atlantic Records 1988
"Is There Anybody Out There?" Silk Purse 1991
"Turn the Page" Silk Purse 1999
"By Request" Silk Purse 2000
"Friends and Lovers" Silk Purse 2002
"You Make It Christmas" Silk Purse 2004
"A Playlist" Silk Purse 2008


  Albums can be purchased through the Gloria Loring website listed below.

For more information:
visit the official Gloria Loring website......

Album Covers for some of Gloria's earlier Albums.

The best gift life can give us is talent
and a way to use it that brings joy.
The next best gift is to be surrounded
and supported by strong, talented
people to help spread joy.
Here's to all the "joy-spreaders" in my life.

Gloria Loring
From the LP A Shot in the Dark