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Massive Resistance In Virginia

                                       Virginia Standards of Learning-  Virginia: 1900 to the Present

VS.9 c)

identifying the social and political events in Virginia linked to desegregation and Massive Resistance and their relationship to national   history;

Moton School – Farmville, Va.

Brown v. Board of Education


The 1954 United States Supreme Court decision in Oliver L. Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka (KS) is among the most significant judicial turning points in the development of our country. Originally led by Charles H. Houston, and later Thurgood Marshall and a formidable legal team, it dismantled the legal basis for racial segregation in schools and other public facilities.

By declaring that the discriminatory nature of racial segregation ... "violates the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees all citizens equal protection of the laws," Brown v. Board of Education laid the foundation for shaping future national and international policies regarding human rights.


Brown v. Board of Education was not simply about children and education. The laws and policies struck down by this court decision were products of the human tendencies to

prejudge, discriminate against, and stereotype other people by their ethnic, religious, physical, or cultural characteristics. Ending this behavior as a legal practice caused far reaching social and ideological implications, which continue to be felt throughout our country. The Brown decision inspired and galvanized human rights struggles across the country and around the world.…

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Prior to answering these questions, View the Movie- Brown v. Board of Education:

          1. What is massive resistance?  (Write a brief definition)

2.  What year was the law suit for  Brown v. Board of Education  first filed with the U.S. Supreme Court?

3. What are the Five Cases that make up the Brown v/s The Board of  Education and what States did they represent?


 Students in classroom in tar paper shack


4. The case Davis v. County School Board involved which school district in Virginia?

  5. Briefly, what role did Barbara Johns a student, play in the attempt to equalize the of schools in Prince Edward County, Virginia? 


6. What is the longitude and Latitude of Robert Russa Moton School?

(Click here for map) –Type in Farmville, Virginia in the address field and search the map until you find Robert  Russa Moton School. Drag the blue arrow to point to the school , and click the arrow to see the longitude and altitude. 


Latitude -




7. What University is located near the site of The Robert Russa Moton School?    


8. Virginia’s response to Massive resistance over 50 years later.

    List one county In Virginia that apologized for segregation in the state schools     



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