2022.3 ~

Tiger Analytics

Position: Lead Engineer - Knowledge Graph

2019.4 ~ 2022.2

Accenture Strategy & Consulting, Applied Intelligence, New York, USA.

Knowledge Graph Center of Excellence (KG CoE)

Position: Knowledge Graph Engineer Associate Manager

  • Analyze and visualize disease treatment patterns using Knowledge Graph.

  • Develop Knowledge Graph with Healthcare data to discover insights from the Out-Of-Network referrals.

  • KG construction using COVID-19 data to analyze impacts on Fortune 500 industries.

  • Apply KG technology to analyze OPIOID overdose and applied graph algorithms to discover potential prescription fraud.

  • Converted OMOP Common Data Model into KG using synthea synthetic data to simulate patient medical history, treatment patterns, and drug-condition relations.

  • Model various types of data into Knowledge Graph for comprehensive data analysis.

  • Big data system migration from Oracle to AWS.

  • Python, Neo4j, TigerGraph, Linkurious, AWS, Azure, GCP, PySpark, SQL.

2019.1 ~ 2019.4

Roivant Sciences, New York, USA.

Position: Computational Research Consultant

1. Construct Knowledge Base (KB) for relationship extractions between entities.

2. Populate KG with Drug, Target, Indication and their relationships to Documents.

  • Python, Neo4j, Cypher, pandas, AWS EC2.

2018.9 ~ 2018.12

Position: Freelance Researcher

  • Worked on extending ADAS ontology and creating SWRL rules using Protege for traffic regulations.

2016.4 ~ 2018.9

Service Intelligence Research Team,

Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AIRC),

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST Tokyo Waterfront), Japan

Position: Research Scientist

  1. Standardized ADAS ontology for inteligent vehicles using Protege.

  2. Discovered missing or incorrect RDF triples in Knowledge Graph using graph-based and word embedding based approaches.

  3. Constructed ontology for GPCR pathways to predict links among entities in Knoweldge Graph using graph embedding approach.

  4. Advised on implementing map converter, constructing ontology for healthcare manual processes, and extending knoweldger graph using ontology matching.

  • Python, Java, JSON, SPARQL, gensim, Tensorflow, Protege, and Jena.

2016.4 ~ 2018.9

Ichise Lab,

National Institute of Informatics (NII), Japan

Position: Visiting Researcher

2014.10 ~ 2016.3

Volunteer Travel Reporter for Japan Travel - Nagoya Reporter and Centrair website.

2013.12 ~ 2016.3

Computational Intelligent Laboratory (COIN) & Research Center for Smart Vehicles, Toyota Technological Institute (TTI), Japan

Position: Post-Doctoral Researcher

Advisor: Yutaka Sasaki, Seiichi Mita.

  1. Constructed and published ADAS ontology for inteligent vehicles.

  2. Developed real-time decision making system to improve safety of vehicles.

  3. Tested the system with simulator and on-road driving using a smart vehicle.

  • RDF, C-SPARQL, SPARQL, SWRL, Matlab, PreScan, C++, JAVA.

2010.10 ~ 2013.11

Ichise Laboratory of National Institute of Informatics (NII), Tokyo, Japan.

Position: Research Assistant

Advisor: Ryutaro Ichise

  1. Developed FITON framework to solve ontology heterogeneous problem.

  2. Applied graph algorithm, ontology matching, and machine learning methods.

  3. Detected misuses of ontologies in Linked Open Data(LOD) and recommended core properties for describing instances.

  4. Discovered missing links from LOD and retrieved more relevant results in QA systems using the integrated ontology.

  • Java, Virtuoso triple store, WordNet, decision table, apriori.

2013.8 ~ 2013.9

EXMO Team, INRIA Grenoble Rhone-Alpes, Grenoble, France.

Position: Visiting Student

Advisor: Jérôme Euzenat

Visited EXMO Team under the grant of Short-Stay Study Abroad Program of SOKENDAI in FY2013.

2010.2 ~ 2010.7

Ichise Laboratory of National Institute of Informatics (NII), Tokyo, Japan.

Position: Internship

Advisor: Ryutaro Ichise

Implemented an ontology matching system by aggregating weighted similarity matrix

for several string-based, knowledge-based and structure-based similarity measures.

2007.3 ~ 2008.5

IBM Global Business Services, Dalian, China.

Position: IT Specialist Trainee

JP-Mainframe Team

Maintained systems for AFLAC (American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus) with COBOL and JCL on TSO environment.