Links to other sites with B7 fic, though not all of them

Archive sites

B7 Fiction Archive

 New archive on livejournal

  Judith Proctor's site

With the Hermit library, probably the most B7 fic online in one place

Adult (het and slash) archive

Pink Asteroids
Slash and femslash, but all either U or PG-rated

On Tavia's site, the online archive of the printzine ttba. There are fic reviews here too.

Helen Patrick's page, which will eventually have links to material from the zines she published, her own fanfic, reviews and recommendations.

Personal fic sites

Shirley's B7 fic site

Susannah Shepherd's fic page
B7 among other fandoms, by a good writer

Breaking Orbit
B7 fic from Nicola Mody, another good writer.

The Mannazone
Slash archive with both B7 and original character fiction from Manna.

Dead Ship
Altariel's B7 fic

The Rope Coil
Toft's fan fiction in several fandoms, including B7.

 Sally M's page

Sally's fiction in fandoms including B7

Marian's B7 links page
Which probably does have links to all the B7 fic there is online.