Blake, Avon and a snowy day...

Anything But Black Warning for incredibly mild suggestiveness
Our Heroes go shopping, PGP - a slightly revised version of a story on the Liberated web site.
For a sequel to this by Willa Shakespeare, visit
But Leather Is Warm

Coming Together
Vila and Cally find a common cause

Many years after Gauda Prime, an ageing Vila meets a young stranger with a familiar name.

Difference Warning for one bit of incredibly mild suggestiveness
An AU, set just after "Weapon". What would make Avon commit fully to the revolution?

Evening Light 

An aging Vila and his companion think about moving house.
Avon's season 4 journey to where he has to go.

Groff's Wife

After Dawn of the Gods, Avon and Tarrant promised to take a message to someone.

Happy Ending
Travis dies. Then things really go wrong for him....

The Heartlands trilogy

After Gauda Prime, Avon and Vila seek a way of living with themselves, each other and the dead. Warning for slash




In My Hands Warning for mild slashiness
Those who have not deserved mercy must rely on grace, and the help of those who cared for them.

It's Only Love Warning for explicit slash
Tynus's prequel story.

Last Wishes Warning for unconsummated slashy thoughts
Gan's death leads his crewmates to think of setting their affairs in order

Liberator Rat Fanon

The Liberator's rats, and their god

Looking for Gold Warning for explicit slash
After the revolution, people go looking for what they wanted most

Lost and Found 

Some time after Gauda Prime, a chance encounter sets Avon and Vila looking for things lost

PGP: three dubious characters in a casino, with memories better forgotten.

Mirror Image

Small fragment in which Jenna and Gan find something in common.

New Made. A Deeta/Vinni AU in several parts which veers off from canon midway through Death-Watch. Warnings for slash, but very non-explicit.

Through New Eyes
Deeta still doesn't want to shoot Vinni in the back, but not out of chivalry.

Learning to be human, and how to feel.

The Teacher
The fallout from Gauda Prime touches other lives.

You can own things, but not people, even people you love.

No Longer Celia Warning for mild femslash
A young Federation agent gets temporarily distracted from her job.

Norwegian Wood Warning for mild slashiness
Avon and Tarrant are negotiating with potential allies and each other, but not expecting too much....

AU, spinning off "Orbit". Avon is forced to learn new skills.

Salt Warning for mild slashiness
Avon and Blake go on holiday to a really nice place and have a good time - but you knew it wasn't going to be that simple...

There is no lock on the cell door, but guilt works just as well.

This, originally posted on a mailing list, resulted in sequels by me, Willa and Nova. The whole lot were eventually published as "The Atonement Cycle" in the zine Tales from Space City 4, ed Helen Patrick, see here for details. Or go here on the Liberated site, where the whole cycle is also archived, but remember, some of the later stories in the sequence are slash, though Sentence is gen.

Silent Night Warning for mild A/B slash
Darkness and silence can be liberating.
This has a sequel by Marian
, here.

Who aboard Scorpio understands Vila?

Speak To Me

When Zen met Jenna

That Walks By Himself
Blake, waiting to move into his new base on Gauda Prime, encounters a cat. Possibly.

The Ganfic page

Some drabbles and other short fic about the big guy who doesn't get much fic

The Longest Night

December 21st is the longest night of the year for more than one reason...

The Wrong Side
My one and only crossover - B7 meets Discworld; Vila meets Angua.

Things We Said Today Warning for mild slash
Therapy. That's all it is.

Not A Proper Story
Sequel to Things We Said Today Warning for mild slash

After "Voice from the Past", Blake is plagued by dreams.

Understood Warning for mild slashiness
Post-Gauda Prime, Blake and Avon find a means of coexisting

Vent Act Warning for mild slashiness
Post-Gauda Prime, Blake forgives Avon unreservedly, which really hurts.....

Vila in old age
A bunch of vignettes in which our hero survives GP and makes a new life


A brief oddity: Vila feeling slightly sorry for himself in verse.

Wishing Makes It So
How do you give Gauda Prime a happy ending? Well, if I were going there, I wouldn't start from here...