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Mix, create and blend your personal media (video, photos and music) 
into rich personal expressions. VUVOX is your visual voice.
VUVOX Collage presentation by VUVOX

 What is VUVOX ?

VUVOX is a free browser based web2.0 multimedia tool, which allows for the easy creation of interactive scrolling timeline-style presentations.  It has an easy to use WYSIWYG interface with drag and drop editing. You can create and publish your own presentations as well as search and browse presentations created by other people. You can also create your own custom channels to publish to. It is also possible to decide whether your presentations will be available to the public, or restricted to a private audience of your own choosing.

With Vuvox it’s a simple 3 step process to create a presentation: 


You simply locate the media you want to combine either by uploading it from your computer or adding it from various online sources, remix it into a new combination and share it with others.  To view a presentation simply click the play button or manually scrub the play-head back and forth with your mouse.

One of the best features of Vuvox is the ability to overlay every image with video, audio, text and hyperlinks to other web content. This enables you to present unlimited amounts of media in a relatively small amount of space. When you see an icon or a text box on top of one of the photos you can click on it and view or play the media that’s there.  

What makes VUVOX different from other slideshow presentation tools?

With VUVOX you can bring together and remix every online resource imaginable in order to create an uninterrupted audiovisual flow of information. The result is visually stunning.

The viewer is in control of their experience. Rather than simply pressing a button to view the next slide as in most slideshow applications, the viewer has the freedom to navigate the presentation on their own terms. They can interact and play by scrolling the play-head across the virtual space, zooming in and out of images, or clicking on hot-spots.

How can VUVOX be used in the classroom?

Vuvox is a great tool that can allow students to express their creativity and demonstrate their understanding of content in an exciting new manner. Vuvox allow you to mash many types of media together into a completely new and personal presentation. Teachers can use VuVox to create engaging teaching and learning resources whilst students can use it to create rich interactive multimedia presentations

  • Illustrate cause and effect
  • Digital story telling
  • Poetry (images and music adding to mood and imagery)
  • Create a portfolio to showcase student work – art, photography, design
  • Create a timeline of an event
  • Biography of a famous person
  • Present a snapshot of a period in time – eg a day in the life of an ancient Egyptian
  • Present an event in greater detail – eg show the sequence of events/battles I the Persian War
  • Create a documentary-style slideshow
  • As a backdrop to provide powerful visuals for oral presentations
  • To present different points of view or present scenario choices.
  • Travel Guide – city or country
  • Describe a concept
    • Link to resources 
    • Demonstrate procedures
    • Provide instruction
    • Support a lesson
    • Extension – explore aspects of a topic in greater depth
    • Inspiration for a piece of poetry or creative writing (images and audio)
    • Publish a school event (play, open day, carnival)
    • Pose questions or challenges

VUVOX has 3 modes

  • EXPRESS - for building presentations with dynamic content from RSS feeds and online albums  
  • STUDIO - for building a personalized media presentation, which can be placed in a Collage
  • COLLAGE -  used to produce interactive panoramas 

Supported File Formats

Photos: JPG, .GIF, .PNG  (all converted to JPG). Transparent PNG Coming

Video: .FLV (preferred), .mov (Quicktime) , .avi,  .wmv
Flash/interactive  (not yet supported through uploading)

Overview of EXPRESS 

Express makes it quick and easy way to create a presentation

COLLECT media from:
  • RSS Feeds (live links)  - quickly connect to featured feeds (Yahoo news and entertainment feeds, popular videos from YouTube, Engadget, etc) or use other other feeds by entering their URL
  • Flickr – enter a user name or keyword to access public photos from Flickr
  • Picasa – enter your Picasa log-in name to access public images from your web album
  • Buzznet – enter a user name to access photos from Buzznet

CREATE by choosing a style for your presentation

  • Photo slider 
  • Cut-out 
  • Vuvision 
  • Postcards
  • Kaleida 
  • Spin
  • Media wall
  • Slideshow

Choose a variation to further customize the style

Select I’m done to publish. Presentations can be embeded into any website or blog or can be viewed directly from the VuVox site. 

Screenshot of the VUVOX Create screen

Screenshot of the VUVOX Express editing screen in EXPRESS mode

Screenshot of the VUVOX Publish  screen in EXPRESS MODE

Here are two EXPRESS presenations that I made in minutes

 RSS Feed (Earth Shots Photo of the Day Contest

EXAMPLE 2 - Yahoo News - Top Stories 

Overview of STUDIO
STUDIO provides a range of templates and creative layouts that can easily be customized. 

COLLECT media by:

  • Searching the web – Search for images from Flickr, Google, Photobucket or paste a YouTube URL
  • Uploading media from your computer (remember to save as feed)
  • From Flickr – enter a user name or email to connect to a public Flickr account
  • From Picasa – enter your Picasa log-in name to connect to a public Picasa Web Albums account

Like Express you can choose from several different styles each of which is highly customizable, giving you plenty of opportunity to adapt it to your needs. The  'customization' tab at the bottom of the screen presents you with a range of options depending on which style you have chosen.

As in the case of the other modes, you can choose to make your presentations publicly available or keep them private. 

  • Give your presentation a title and description
  • Choose where it will be saved
  • Agree to the publishing terms and conditions
Presentations can be embeded into any website or blog or can be viewed directly from the VuVox site. You can also use STUDIO presentations  in a COLLAGE.

Here is a STUDIO presentation that I quickly made using uploaded images from my computer. The style is called "Tree" which allows you to customise the branches, leaves flowers, spread and background

Screenshot of the VUVOX STUDIO collecting screen 

Screenshot of the VUVOX STUDIO editing screen

Screenshot of the VUVOX STUDIO customisation tab (see options at bottom of screen)

Overview of COLLAGE 

COLLAGE uses an infinite scrolling horizontal canvas and gives you much greater creative freedom in the  design and the placement of your media.

A COLLAGE can be published, embedded, and syndicated into any website, blog or social networking site.

Features of COLLAGE include:

  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Image Cut-out and Masking tools
  • Layer positioning and Compositing
  • Interactive 'Hot-spots', providing links to media, text or other websites
  • Ability to add rich media details
  • Text and Soundtrack
  • Ability to rearrange media by rotating, resizing layering, arranging, cropping

Inspirational VUVOX presentations

Washington Post’s Video Haiku: The Campaign in Moments - focused on preparations for President Obama’s inauguration in Washington

1968 – 2008: 40 Years, 40 Voices - produced by students in the San Fransisco State University Journalism Department    

A Walk Down Sixth Street - produced by students in the San Fransisco State University

Where We Live – San Jose Mercury News

The Waiting Silence – poem by  Callooh 

News Rewind- A Season to Remember by  Lansing State Journal 

Digital Citizenship by jkraft

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