Technical Program


[8:15 - 08:20] Opening Dr. Joongheon Kim (Intel Corporation)

Invited Presentations

[08:20 - 08:45] Invited Presentation by Dr. Jeongho Park (Samsung Electronics)
  • Title: 5G Mobile Communications and Recent R&D Results
  • Abstract: The presentation would share the vision and services of the fifth generation mobile communications (5G). And 5G requirements and key enabling technologies are provided. The recent results of research and development in Samsung are shared, in which millimeter-wave channel measurements and modeling are included. Finally system level performance has been analyzed based on computer simulations for LTE/mmWave Heterogeneous network environments.
  • Invited Presenter Bio: Dr. Jeongho Park received his Ph.D. degree in Electronic Engineering from Yonsei University. Since he joined Samsung Electronics in 2005, he has mainly been engaged in research and development of wireless communications. Standardization is also his interest including IEEE 802, 3GPP RAN and ITU-R IMT-Systems. Currently, Dr. Jeongho Park is the director of Communications Research Team at Samsung Electronics DMC R&D Center and his research interest includes 5G technologies and cellular internet of things (IoT).
[08:45 - 09:10] Invited Presentation by Dr. Carlos Cordeiro (Intel Corporation)
  • Title: Millimeter wave MIMO - Introduction, challenges and standardization
  • Abstract: Millimeter wave (mmWave) based technologies are considered one of the major ingredients of future high capacity, low latency wireless networks. The large spectrum availability in mmWave spectrum and the advent of cost effective commercial products using this spectrum have laid the foundation for the future deployment of mmWave in a broad set of user devices. In this talk, we focus on the applicability of MIMO techniques to mmWave. Specifically, we look at the applications, technical solutions and challenges of using mmWave MIMO. Next, we look at the applicability of mmWave MIMO to the ongoing IEEE 802.11ay standard. We conclude by analyzing the performance of promising mmWave MIMO schemes for short range usages.
  • Invited Presenter Bio: Dr. Carlos Cordeiro is a Principal Engineer in the Platform Engineering Group within Intel Corporation. He leads Intel’s Wi-Fi Alliance group and Intel’s standardization for unlicensed millimeter frequencies. In the Wi-Fi Alliance, he is a member of the Board of Directors and serves as its Technical Advisor, in addition to chairing the technical task group on 60 GHz. He was the technical editor to both the IEEE 802.11ad standard and the Wireless Gigabit Alliance MAC/PHY specification, and was recently elected as technical editor of the ongoing IEEE 802.11ay standard. Due to his contributions to wireless communications, he received several awards including the prestigious Global Telecom Business 40 under 40 in 2012 and 2013, the IEEE Outstanding Engineer Award in 2011, and the IEEE New Face of Engineering Award in 2007. He is the co-author of two textbooks on wireless published in 2006 and 2011, has published about 100 papers in the wireless area alone, and holds over 70 patents. He has served as Editor of various journals including the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, the IEEE Wireless Communication Letters and the ACM Mobile Computing and Communications Review journal. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE.
[09:10 - 09:35] Invited Presentation by Prof. Sana Salous (Durham University)
  • Title: Mm Wave for Back-Haul and Access Point 
  • Abstract: The talk will discuss the usability of higher frequency bands (Mm-wave) for point-to-point wireless backhaul/front-haul and access points for short-range communications.  Impact of the weather and the environment on propagation of mm waves are highlighted including a regulatory perspective.  Examples of wide band measurements in typical outdoor scenarios are presented for two frequency bands in the range of 30-90 GHz with future directions.
  • Invited Presenter Bio: Professor Salous has extensive experience in radio propagation studies ranging from HF to mm wave. Since 2003 she holds the Chair of Communication Systems at Durham University where she is also the Director for the Centre for Communication Systems.  She currently holds the Chair of Radio communication Systems and Signal Processing of the International Union of Radio Science and the Chair of Correspondence Group 5 of the Working Party, 3K of the International Telecommunications Union. She is the author of the book 'Radio Propagation and channel modelling' published by Wiley in 2013 and has authored over 180 papers in journals and international conferences.         
[09:35 - 10:00] Invited Presentation by Prof. Tommy Svensson (Chalmers University of Technology)
  • Title: Challenges and Opportunities with mm-wave Communications in 5G – European Research Towards a mm-wave Air Interface for Access, Backhaul and Fronthaul
  • Abstract: The race is ongoing globally towards developing key technical components and concepts for a new 5G mobile radio access technology operating in frequency bands in the range 6 to 100 GHz. The use of such high frequencies for mobile communications is challenging but necessary for supporting 5G’s extreme mobile broadband service which will require very high (up to 10 Gbps) data rates, and in some scenarios, also very low end-to-end latencies (down to 1 ms). This talk will introduce the challenges and opportunities with mm-wave frequencies for access, backhaul and fronthaul and key technical enablers to support targeted 5G use cases, as seen in the European Horizon2020 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5GPPP) project Millimetre-Wave Based Mobile Radio Access Network for Fifth Generation Integrated Communications (mmMAGIC). 
  • Invited Presenter Bio: Tommy Svensson (S'98--M'03--SM'10) is Associate Professor in Communication Systems at Chalmers University of Technology, where he is leading the research on air interface and wireless backhaul networking technologies for future wireless systems. He received a Ph.D. in Information theory from Chalmers in 2003, and he has worked at Ericsson AB with core networks, radio access networks, and microwave transmission products. He was involved in the European WINNER and ARTIST4G projects that made important contributions to the 3GPP LTE standards, the recently finished EU FP7 METIS project and the recently started EU H2020 5GPPP mmMAGIC project targeting solutions for 5G. His main research interests are in design and analysis of physical layer algorithms, multiple access, resource allocation, cooperative systems, moving networks and satellite networks. He has co-authored two books and more than 120 journal and conference papers. He is Chairman of the IEEE Sweden joint Vehicular Technology/Communications/Information Theory Societies chapter, and coordinator of the Communication Engineering Master's Program at Chalmers.

Technical Presentation
  • [10:00 - 10:20] 
    Millimeter-Wave Small-Cell Backhaul Measurements and Considerations on Street-Level Deployment
    Michael Peter (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Germany), Richard J. Weiler (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Germany), Thomas Kühne (Technical University of Berlin, Germany), Barış Göktepe (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Germany), Jasminka Serafimoska (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Germany), Wilhelm Keusgen (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Germany)
    Presenter: Michael Peter, Presentation File: [PDF (To be Posted)]

  • [10:20 - 10:40]
    Statistical Channel Model with Multi-Frequency and Arbitrary Antenna Beamwidth for Millimeter-Wave Outdoor Communications
    Mathew Samimi (NYU Wireless, United States), Theodore Rappaport (NYU Wireless, United States)
    Presenter: Mathew Samimi, Presentation File: [PDF (To be Posted)]

  • [10:40 - 11:00]
    60 GHz Frequency Sharing Study between Fixed Service Systems and Small-Cell Systems with Modular Antenna Arrays
    Joongheon Kim (Intel Corporation, United States), Liang Xian (Intel Corporation, United States), Reza Arefi (Intel Corporation, United States), Ali Sadri (Intel Corporation and President and Chairman of WiGig Alliance, United States)
    Presenter: Joongheon Kim, Presentation File: [PDF (To be Posted)]

  • [11:00 - 11:20]
    Analog Beamforming with Limited Feedback in mmWave Networks: Coverage Probability Analysis [Invited] 
    Namyoon Lee (Intel Labs, United States), Sarabjot Singh (Intel Labs, United States)
    Presenter: Namyoon Lee, Presentation File: [PDF (To be Posted)]

  • [11:20 - 11:40]
    Performance Evaluation of Millimeter-wave-based Communication System in Tunnels
    Sung Woo Choi (ETRI, Republic of Korea), Hee Sang Chung (ETRI, Republic of Korea), Dae-Soon Cho (ETRI, Republic of Korea), Seung Nam Choi (ETRI, Republic of Korea), Hyoun Jeong Oh (ETRI, Republic of Korea), Ilgyu Kim (ETRI, Republic of Korea), Dong Ha Kim (Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation, Republic of Korea), Jaemin Ahn (Chungnam National University, Republic of Korea)
    Presenter: Sung Woo Choi, Presentation File: [PDF (To be Posted)]


[11:40 - 12:00] Closing Remarks Dr. Ali Sadri (Intel Corporation)