The atmosphere that supports us.

 Global Warming and the Climate Change that comes from it is a large and complicated subject and the object of this web site is to set out a simplified cause and effect. The information is all taken from government and university sources and with links so that if you take a greater interest you can continue research yourself.

One aspect  attempted is to try and equate what is a huge subject in physical terms to dimensions that make it easier to observe with your own eye and experience.

Temperature on the Earth and in space covers a huge range, from -273c to well over 6000c and we live in only a very tight band of it.

 When you look up into the sky the atmosphere appears to go on forever but the envelope in which we live  is very small and despite the apparent robustness of the weather our planet is surprisingly sensetive to change. 

Humans are very adaptable and mobile and can live in the arctic or on the equator and have walked on the moon but the plants on which we survive are fragile and much more vunerable.

We are not as tough and invincible as we think we are