Is there evidence for the Medieval Warm Period?

 The medieval warm period (MWP) refers to a period of warmer temperatures in medieval times, approximately 950-1300 AD. Until very recently, this was generally accepted by scientists. The expression was introduced by Hubert Lamb in his classic book, "Climate, history and the modern world", where he writes "By the late tenth to twelfth centuries most of the world for which we have evidence seems to have been enjoying a renewal of warmth, which at times during those centuries may have approached the level of the warmest millennia of post glacial times."

Recently however, a group of 'climate scientists' and activists have attempted to deny the existence of the MWP, or downplay its magnitude, or claim that it was only local to the North Atlantic region. The motivation for these people is to try to be able to claim that current warming is unprecedented and man-made. To support their false claims they have used flawed statistical techniques to construct the totally discredited 'hockey stick' picture. 

There are hundreds of scientific papers that confirm the MWP, and confirm that it was a global phenomenon. Here are a few of these:

 See CO2Science for  hundreds of research papers providing evidence for the MWP.