MENA National/Regional  Workshops/Conferences

Child Poverty and Disparities: Public Policies for Social Justice

19-20th January 2009

Cairo, Egypt

 Papers and other related material from the conference


Day 1:

Public Policy and Child Wellbeing: Reflections on good practices and the child-friendliness of African Governments by Assefa Bequele, Executive Director, African Child Policy Forum, Ethiopia

From Research to Evidence-Based Policy Making:

Evidence-Informed Policy Influencing: Childhood Poverty As a Lens on Knowledge, Policy and Power by Andy Sumner, Research Fellow, Institute for Development Studies and Nicola Jones, Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute

From Research to Action by Robert Chaskin, Associate Professor Strategic Initiatives, School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago, USA

Experiences of Child Poverty Studies and Influencing Public Policies:

Kosovo Child Poverty Study: Influencing Policies by Lulzim Cela, Nutrition and Social Policy officer, UNICEF Kosovo

Knowledge translation for child poverty by Nicola Jones, Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute

Child Poverty in Georgia by Dimitri Gugshvili, Economic and Social Policy Officer, UNICEF Georgia

Using Qualitative Research to Strengthen Policy Change by Dr. Charlotte Harland, Senior Policy and Planning Specialist, Poverty and social Protection, UNICEF Zambia

Multidimensional Approaches to Child Poverty and Disparity Reduction:

From Poverty Reduction to Disparity Reduction or from Basic Needs to Human Rights by Dr. Urban Jonsson, Executive Director, The Owls Consultancy, Kenya

Poverty and Child Schooling: A Case Study of Balasore District of Rural Orissa by Dr. Bijaya Kumar Malik, Lecturer in Population Education at the National council for Educational Research and Training and Dr. Sanjay Kuamr Mohanty, India

A Multidimensional Approach for Child Poverty in Vietnam by Keetie Roelen, Researcher, Franziska Gassmann and Chris de Neubourg, Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, Maastricht University, the Netherlands

Report on Child Poverty and Disparities in Egypt by Dr. Alia El Mahdi, Dean, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, Egypt

Day 2:

Children as Active Citizens and Agents of Change

Impacts of Microfinance Initiatives on Children by Richard Carothers, President of Partners in Technology Exchange Ltd. Egypt

How, When and Why does Child Research Influence Policy (or not)? by Andy Sumner, Research Fellow, Institute for Development Studies and Nicola Jones, Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute

Measuring the Effectiveness of Multi-Pillar Intervention Programs: The Case of Street Children in Egypt by Amira Kotb, Phd candidate at Institut Quebecois des Hautes Etudes Internationales, Laval University, Canada

Forced to the Street by War: A Case Study of Street Children in Lira, Uganda by Teddi Atim, Team Leader for Northern Uganda Research on Justice and Accountability, Feinstein International Center, Tufts University, USA

Reducing Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty through Education and Improved Labour Conditions

Educational Transitions in Egypt by Dr. Ray Langsten, Research Associate Professor and Tahra Hassan, Social Research Center, American University in Cairo, Egypt

Factors leading to self-care: Lessons learned from working families in Botswana, Mexico and Vietnam by Monica Ruiz-Casares, Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University Institute for health and Social Policy, Canada

Finding and Using Indicators of Child Well-Being

Developing and implementing a national set of child wellbeing indicators: Ireland by Dr. Sinead Hanafin, Head of Research Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Ireland

Case Studies: Child Indicators in North America by Dr. William O'Hare, Senior Fellow, The Annie E. Casey Foundation and Board member of the International Society of Child Indicators, USA

Key Topics for Child Indicator Reports by Dr. William O'Hare, The Annie E. Casey Foundation

The Child Indicator Movement by Dr. William O'Hare, The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Use of Indicators in Policy Context by Dr. William O'Hare, The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Practical issues regarding reporting on child well-being indicators by Dr. Sinead Hanafin

Deprivation of Health and Nutrition: The Vicious Cycle of Child Poverty

Determinants of Concurrence of Poverty and Disease among Egyptian Children (2008) by Dr. Abeer Barakat, Dr. Omaima Kamel and Dr. Hoda Rizk, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt

Trends in Child Stunting Egypt 1995-2005: The role of food subsidies and economic change by Anne Austin. PhD candidate at School of Public Health, Harvard University, USA 

Nutrition and the Vulnerability of Children to Unbalanced Diet Related Diseases in Nigeria by Dr. Femi Tinuola, Senior Lecturer, Population Health, Department of Sociology, Kogi State University, Nigeria

Measures of schoolchild height and weight as indicators of community nutrition, lessons from Brazil by Ronald Calitri, Substitute Assistant professor of Economics at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York, USA

Social Protection as Safeguards for Child Rights

Social protection: child-related cash transfers as an opportunity for transformation in post-conflict Nepal by Gabriele Koehler, Marta Cali and Mariana Stirbu, UNICEF South Asia Regional Office, Nepal

The "Paradox of Targeting" and the manipulation of the poverty measurement tools: an example for Spanish families with children by Nuria Badenes-Pla, Research Director of Family Action Foundation and Complutense University, Spain

Promoting social rights and tackling intergenerational transmission of poverty: Lessons learned from the implementation of Ciudadania Portena by Irene Novacovsky, Coordinator of the Information, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, within the Ministry of Social Development, Buenos Aires City Government, Argentina



National Symposium on Child Poverty and Disparities

24-25th November 2008

Sana'a, Yemen

Agenda and information on the conference

Expected outcomes of the symposium

Impact of food security on vulnerable children by WFP

National Strategy for Children and Youth

The Social Welfare Fund

Microfinance Industry in Yemen by the Social Welfare Fund

UNICEF Global Study on Child Poverty and Disparities by Alberto Minujin, UNICEF

Yemen Social Protection Strategy by World Bank team

Presentation - Arabic

Presentation - Arabic



Middle East & North Africa Workshop

16-20 2008, Amman

MENA agenda

Day 5

Measuring Child Poverty Alberto Minujin.pdf

Global Study on Child Poverty and Disparities by Sharmila UNICEF HQ.pdf 

Day 6

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