Global Star Capital

Global Star Capital is a consulting company that specializes in assisting clients who are seeking funding for commercial or intellectual property projects. Governments, individuals, and companies world wide and a number of fields have engaged Global Star Capital and their founder Rich Cocovich for more than 20 years. 

Potential clients can begin the process of building a relationship with Global Star Capital at its website. This site explains the Global Star Capital process, along with the expectations and obligations for each party. If potential clients feel that they fit Global Star Capital’s criteria, they can then fill out a project application. This mandatory step, instituted by company founder Rich Cocovich, enables the client to provide relevant details about the project to Global Star Capital, and a complete application expedites the process by many days. Information requested includes the principal's name and address as well as basic data about the project such as sector description, the total amount needed to complete the plan, and how much is currently invested in the project. If applicable, the client must also e-mail a business plan to Global Star Capital after submitting the project application. 

If Global Star Capital is interested in taking on a project, a conference call with the potential clients to conduct a first assessment of them and their plans is made. Subsequently a face-to-face meeting is arranged. During this time, Rich Cocovich works with the client to develop an approach that will appeal to financiers. Cocovich brings two decades of experience to his work at Global Star Capital and knows what private investment banks, hedge funds, and loan officers look for when deciding whether to put money into an organization. Committed to its clients, Global Star Capital is the pinnacle in professional representation. All solvent and prepared project principals are asked to follow the OUR PROCESS section of the company web site www.globalstarcapital.com or 
http://www.globalstarcapital.net to begin their request for our services.