A graduate of Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, Rich Cocovich founded Global Star Capital in 1991 and has since become a leading consultant for the funding of commercial and intellectual property projects. Global Star Capital has served clients in over 100 countries and in all 50 State of America. Clients include individual entrepreneurs, fortune 500 companies, and World Governments. Global Star Capital also actively assists charitable organizations in raising capital for important causes. The projects that Global Star Capital has helped to fund are as diverse as its client base. Examples include a $15 million commercial office building in Thailand, a $1 million entertainment project in South Carolina, and a $400 million water rights project for the entire country of Australia, just to name a few over the last 20 years. Projects that Global Star Capital considers must require a funding minimum of $75,000. Funding is derived from a multitude of potential sources through their facilitators including private banks, hedge funds, private lenders, private trust funds, and Global Star Capital’s own internal company lending. To apply for project funding through Global Star Capital, visit the company website at www.globalstarcapital.com. While the application process is free, Global Star Capital maintains a high standard and only deals with ethical, solvent clients. Global Star Capital requires that potential clients fully review the application information and strictly adhere to the company’s procedures. Once approved, clients must conduct a telephone conference with Rich Cocovich. Following this, clients are required to meet directly with Rich Cocovich to discuss the project in detail. An established subsidiary of Global Star Talent Inc. (not a talent agency), Global Star Capital maintains a crystal clear reputation. Mr. Cocovich and his staff welcome all serious and prepared individuals, project teams and/or governments to follow the protocol listed on the web site.