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Malawi Water Project now fundraising:
Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Malawi water ptoject in Chikwawa, now the project is complete and fresh clean water is flowing to 1500 families.


Water Works!
It is wonderful to see the difference that reliable, safe, clean water makes to the life of a community. 

Everything changes!   

Water is carried home from polluted and infected water sources causing disease and infestation where water is not properly boiled.   The community's health is improved since there are no water borne diseases and no parasites which cause all sorts of problems like dehydration through diarrhoea.  Parasites also reduce a person's health, in particular that of children. 

Hygiene, in terms of washing of hands, bathing and washing clothes, is also a significant overall health and welfare benefit.

Many children (in particular girls) are kept at home, unable to go to school because they are needed to carry water, often over very long distances.   Due to the high incidence of HIV/Aids often children are looked after by grandparents who are to old therefore unable to carry water for themselves.   Having a clean, local water source makes it more likely that a child will be released to go to school since water is more readily available.

Children in very remote/rural areas who carry water often fall prey to wild animals or can be fall foul of those whose intentions are criminal.   Many children are removed from their communities by strangers who will sell them into the illegal sex industry or for military purposes or to work in a sweat shop.

Economic factors:
Polluted water requires boiling incurring a cost to poor families.   Firewood, if purchased, is expensive and where families try to gather their own firewood then long distances are travelled and transport costs are high.

Water is essential to all of us!
No matter where in the world people live there is a fundamental need for water.   Those of us who live in the UK at times perceive we have too much rain and might like a bit more sunshine from time to time, however even for us water is a basic need, one without which we could not survive.



Bweyogerere Multi-Purpose Primary School outside Kampala in Uganda is home to one of Mission International's Mighty Meals programmes.   Our partners there requested a water tank to harvest rainwater from the school roof and store in a large water tank.   Mission International was able to provide this due to some generous donations provided by our supporters.  This new water collection system will allow the school to have clean, safe water throughout the dry season making sure that children do not have to use polluted water from local water sources.   The water supply will benefit the whole school in terms of health and hygiene and adds to a recent project to renovate the pit latrines at the school.  

A message from our partners in Bweyogerere "Greetings from Bweyogerere Multi-purpose Primary School; Water is life, thanks a lot for your donation of water tanks to the school.   Your support to the school of impoverished children in our community is highly appreciated.   We had to build bricks around the tanks in order to protect them for many years to come.   Since the beginning of this year we have received 30 more desperate, destitute children from the streets of Bweyogerere.   Your continued support will be appreciated".      EMMANUEL. W. Sunday. 

In Burundi a long line of people wait their turn at the water source to be able to fill their water cans and carry them on the often very long journey to their homes.   This scene is typical of many communities throughout the developing world.   Mission International is committed to bringing about positive change in communities like these, the provision of accessible, clean, safe water being a significant part of the change process.

Nyembuye Clinic water project Burundi:
The Nyembuye clinic in Burundi's Matana province is located in a very rural village where many refugee returnees are setting up a new community after many years in the refugee camps of the neighbouring countries of Tanzania and DR Congo.   The newly built clinic is a lifeline to this fast growing community and is providing medical care for the community.   One remaining part of the infrastructure for this clinic is to put in place a safe, clean water supply.  Water is available from a spring on the nearby hillside and this needs to be piped from the sping to the water storage tank adjacent to the clinic.   Recently a Mission International team returned from Burundi after having visited the Nyembuye Clinic and were so touched by the needs of this community, in particular their need for a water supply in the clinic that they have developed a web page based project to raise funds by selling lengths of water supply pipe to donors.   If you would like to donate to this wonderful cause then please visit the site.  

 We are now happy to announce that the full total of £15000 has been raised for this project!
*** See report attached at the foot of this page***
Children collect water from one of the standpipes installed along the water pipe as it runs from the mountain spring 1.5 kilometres away on its way to the Nyembuye clinic.

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Nyembuye Clinic near Rutana in the Matana province. 
The spring of water on a nearby hillside which will be diverted to the clinic's water storage tank.

Uganda Team help install water in Rakai, in south western Uganda:
A team from Menzieshill High School in Dundee, Scotland recently visited Uganda where one of their projects was to install a water tank in a needy community in the Rakai district of S.W. Uganda.   The team also spent time helping in the school there and were really encouraged by their welcome by the staff and pupils alike.

Here the team helps local school kids and other members of the community to lay 
the foundations of the water tank base before the tank itself is set in place.

The water tank is put in place, which will provide clean water for the community and school.

Zuarungu, Bolgatanga, Ghana:
Developing world countries often have limited access to clean safe drinking water, in particular in rural communities where resources are scarce and so Mission International provides, with your support, various types of facility to make sure poor communities get the water they so much need. 

This well, installed by the British many years ago serves a community of 5000 people in Bolgatanga in Ghana's north east region.   This supply does not provide enough water for the needs of the community and so Mission International is installing water tanks to help provide clean safe water for them.

These large water tanks will be installed, providing clean, safe water for the FILA school children and also for the people of the community in Zuarungu, Bolgatanga, N E Ghana W. Africa.

The New water tank in Zuarungu, Bolgatanga, Ghana is now in place.
Another tank will be placed alongside this one once funds become available.

Children play with the water as they enjoy this new resource.

A huge 'thank you' from the school kids who are excited by their new water project.
Pastor Peter Awane says ".... The community and Children are so excited. They now have very CLEAN water in the school and can wash their hands all the time. Thanks to Mission International the school is growing and there is clean water and a Clinic. We are very grateful for the partnership. ...."

Olooltoto, Narok, Kenya:
This Maasai community in Kenya has until recently been carrying water long distances from a poluted water hole used by cattle and wild animals within Kenya's Maasai Mara.   Mission International installed 2 10,000 litre water storage tanks providing clean and safe water to a community of around 2000 people.

Mission International team members visit the polluted water hole where the villagers have collected water until the new water storage facility was installed.

A Mission International team member makes sure the transfer pipe remains in the tank as the water is unloaded from the delivery tanker. 

The water tanker makes regular deliveries to this Maasai village ensuring a steady supply of water for the community.
A message of thanks from the Maasai Mara!
Pastor Tom Opiyo serves amongst the Maasai people near Narok town in Kenya's Maasai Mara and is a Mission International partner.   He has recently returned from Olooltoto, a Maasai village where Mission International installed 2x10,000 litre water tanks during July 2010, with this message  "Greetings in Christ.  I have just come from the Olooltoto Church.  The place is very dry and water is in crisis.  I have just delivered 14,000 litres of water to the tanks there right now.   God bless you and we thank you for the tanks.  This water project is real and very helpful at the heart of the need in this community.  Greet the family and saints Pastor Tom" (10th February 2011)

In order to help more remote and poor communities find an accessible source of clean and safe drinking water Mission International requires your support.   To make a donation please follow this link to view your giving options.

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