Student Sponsorship

University/College Student sponsorship

Many young people in the developing world end their secondary school years once their 'child' sponsorship is over,
however there are some who have the potential to go on to university and become significant leaders within their
  • Depending on the country, the course and the learning establishment, the cost of supporting a student ranges
    from £10 - £150/month.  It is possible to sponsor shares in student
    Further/Higher education at £
  • To support a student with Global Sponsor please use the forms at the foot of the support page.
Nelson Kabanda (Above)
Nelson has recenlty completed his ACCA accountancy degree and is now working as an accountant for Orange Telecom in Kampala Uganda.
Nelson sends this message "...Praise the living God!   ..... God is great!
The joy for the fantastic performance in my recent Exams is still going on. The college in which I have been studying ACCA was so delighted with my results and they have put my name as part of their advertisement in the National Newspaper to convince the public that they really teach well.  My Lecturer for Advanced Audit and Assurance phoned me up last evening and i went to meet him in the  class where he introduced me to his new class to encourage his new students that it’s possible to pass P.7 with high marks! This was the highest pass mark in the country, I am not sure whether it was the highest in the world this time, but definitely its high. He was so excited that he had to break his lecture when i arrived in. I saw the class is very small because people think the paper is very difficult. Well, I tried to utilize this opportunity, so I asked the college Administrators to give me some lecturing opportunity for ACCA but they said that at the moment there is no available vacancy. I wanted to take up at least one of my best subjects to lecture it and help other students pass as well as earning some extra income to supplement my budget. But well, it did not work out as I had planned.    
Since Monday I have been receiving calls from Various people congratulating me, I also got a call from my Former Indian Boss at the Forex Bureau congratulating me upon a timely completion. I got a bit surprised because I have not been knowing how the information was circulating around, but I have just
noticed that my name has been listed on the ACCA website as an affiliate so anybody can access the information, also it has been put on college noticeboard. I looked at the list yesterday but I have not seen any of my friends on it. God has been merciful to me".
  God bless you, Thank you for moving with me through this difficult journey.
  •  Kabanda's Story: Missionary to Africa Mary Weeks-Millard has writen a short book called 'Kabanda's Story', to receive a copy send a cheque for £4.00 made payable to Mission International stating the name and address where the book should be sent (UK only).
Caroline Atugonza (Right)
 Carol has recently started her course at Kampala International University (KIU) where she is studying business and administration.
 (Now completed her studies successfully - thank you to all of her supporters).
Lucien Garukagubane (Below)
Lucien is currently involved in a university degree in Bujumbura, Burundi

Share the burden: 
 There are many bright young people who could go to university but who do not have the means to do so.   Your support will make a huge blockage into a huge opportunity for someone.   Shares in student sponsorship begin at £10/month.
Noah Kitipa: (Below)
Noah is seeking funding in order that he can study Animal Health and Production at Mt Kenya University in Nakuru, Kenya.   He is a clever well disciplined student but does not have the funds to continue his studies.   He required £500 per session over a period of 3 years - totaling £1500 which includes his course fees, his food and accommodation.  He also needs £80 for books.
Noah comes from a very poor family in a very poor community who have done their best to help Noah find his way through primary and secondary school, however they now do not have the resources to pay the very much higher costs of University study.   Your help will allow this bright young man to make it and bring a change to one of the world's poorest communities.

Aloice Okuku:
Aloice is another bright young man who is seeking funding to complete the remaining 2 years of his business studies degree in Nairobi, Kenya.   Aloice also comes from a situation where the local community have exhausted their contributions and so is in need of further outside intervention in terms of funding to be able to continue and complete his studies.
He requires £1800 per year and a total of £3600 to finish his course.  
Aloice is married with two children
Rafique Laeeque - Lahore Pakistan:
This bright young man from Pakistan is planning to study Veterinary Science locally in The Punjab and will require support funding to allow him to do so.  The cost of his course is £1200, a course of 10 semesters of 4 months each semester.  This young man is an A+ student but comes from a very poor family whose mother is sick but still works as a road sweeper to bring some income to the family for life's basics.
Please consider supporting this young man as he endeavours to lift his family and his community up and tries to make the best of the skills and talents given to him. (Now fully sponsored)
Eunice Pareiyo - Narok Kenya:
Eunice, a very bright pupil at school is studying nursing in Kenya.   Traditionally girls are required to marry as young as 13 years of age and so do not have the opportunity to go on to advanced study.  Eunice did so well at school that she stood out from the rest and so a special effort was made within her community to raise funds for her higher education.   This attempt failed to raise the required funds and so our partners in Kenya have approached Mission International to help find support.
Eunice requires £2500 to complete her studies - about £70/month over 3 years.  Please contact us if you can help sponsor this bright young lady.
To support bright students in the developing world please go to our 'Make a Donation' page or use the link or use the attached forms below.

Hugh Henderson,
13 May 2010, 06:37
Hugh Henderson,
13 May 2010, 06:37