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Small income generating projects
  • There are various low cost small projects that can bring about huge change to needy families.   These have start up costs of £30 - £2000, some examples are shown below:
    • Goat project - from £30 each
    • Cow project - from £250 each
    • Chicken project - from £30 for 3 laying hens.
    • Small clothes market stall - from £100
    • Small fully stocked corner shop - from £1000
    • Bicycle taxi - from £60
    • Honey bee/hive project - from £100
    • Agricultural project, seeds - from £50
    • Agricultural tools - from £10
    • A sewing machine/tailoring project - from £350
  • To sponsor an income generating project with Global Sponsor visit the 'Support Global Sponsor' page.
  • Please take time to look at our plans for Micro-Finance projects.


Single Mother support
 You can imagine the scenario, a young girl from a rural African village decides to follow her dream of fame and fortune and so heads for the big city.   After arriving she discovers that the dream turns to a nightmare and she is left to fight for her own survival.    Due to the pressures of city life without a job, a home, food to eat she is forced into prostitution.   She eventually finds out that she is pregnant and decides to make the long trek home and face the music.   When she arrives home in her village she is persecuted because of her immoral behaviour and is driven out to find respite elsewhere.   Eventually this frightened and sick young lady is taken in by Mission International partners and given some help.   Her future however, and that of her child is still uncertain because she has no sustainable means of support, what is to happen to her?   Global Sponsor can, with your help, provide a small grant which will set her up in an income generating project making it possible for her to look after herself and her child.  The future now is brighter and more promising.   A small shop, or a sewing machine (see projects above) will help a single mother bring in some income to support herself and her child.  
To support a single mother in the developing world please use the form attached at the bottom of this page. 
To see more on those being supported by Mission International's Global Sponosr in Ghana please vist the FILA blog

Educational materials provision
  • Children in the developing world all want to be able to go to school however there are many kids who cannot go due to their lack of appropriate materials.   Pencils, books, jotters and school bags as well as uniforms and a lunchtime meal are all required if a child wants to attend and make the most of their education.  
  • Contributions of just a few pounds can make all the difference for a child who wants to attend school but cannot do so due to their personal situation.   To support this essential project please visit the 'Support Global Sponsor' page.

School teacher sponsorship

  • In trying to cope with the many needy children seeking an education as a means of breaking free from the poverty trap, many schools in the developing world schools find that the option of sponsoring a teacher can allow them to reach and educate many more children.  
  • Some teachers have to take classes with 120 pupils in the morning and then another class in the afternoon with just as many children.
  • When quality teachers are recruited by a school in a poor area often they are 'headhunted' by more upmarket school, this means that the school can lose the good teacher to a higher salary.   Sponsoring the teacher helps the school to hold on to their best staff thus improving the education provided.
  • To sponsor a teacher with Global Sponsor visit the 'Support Global Sponsor' page.

     Homes for refugee returnees

    • Currently many families are leaving refugee camps in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and DR Congo and are returning to their homeland of Burundi, which has recently come to the end of hostilities after 14 years.   Burundi is at present the poorest country in the world and those who are returning home are starting again with what they can carry, often just the clothes they stand up in.   Burundi's government provided some food for the first few months but then these people are on their own
    • Global sponsor can provide a house for a returnee family for £2000.   A house is more than a place to stay; it is a place of security for the family, a place of belonging and a home to base the families efforts to make a new life together and with their people.  


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    Hugh Henderson,
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