Donate a Farm Animal

Many of the communities and families that Mission International works with have an agricultural background and base.   Whether it be the Maasai in Kenya and Tanzania who herd cattle and goats or peasant farming communities in DR Congo, Ghana, Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya, their main source of income and food for their families comes from agriculture of some sort.

Families can be in need of support for a wide range of reasons, some of which are as follows:
  • Natural disaster - flooding, drought etc
  • Civil unrest - war and violence resulting in large numbers of refugees
  • Family loss - A father dies/is killed or provider leaves home.
Developing world countries are unable to make the kind of provision for these families in ways we might find take place as a matter of course in more developed countries.  This means that families have to start again with nothing.   Mission International is developing small, income generating projects which give home to such families, providing them with help to rebuild their lives once again.

Making a donation of a farm animal will help a needy family get back on their feet and will provide a much needed high quality foodstuff for the family too!

  • Chicken - £5
  • Goat - £30
  • Pig - £20
  • UK cow - £400
  • African cow - £200
To make a donation, visit our 'Make a Donation' page and complete the generic form, stating on the form which project you would like your donation to support.   If you would prefer, links to the forms are at the foot of this page.   Other on-line forms of giving including bank transfer information can be found on our Make a Donation page.

Please print the forms of your choice, complete and return to us at Mission International.