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Global Sponsor is a project of Mission International and provides support to needy children, families and communities in the developing world.   Large parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America are locked in poverty with no chance of escape.   Contrary to some opinion the poor do not just want a 'hand out' but they do need a 'hand up'.
Global Sponsor is designed to include a wide range of small, medium and large projects. ‘Global’ not only means worldwide but also universal and inclusive. This initiative provides a means of bringing support to a broad range of people in very different situations that are linked by poverty and need. From child sponsorship to small project sponsorship you can help alleviate the need and provide a means to break out of the poverty trap and make the future more promising to those in need.
Global Sponsor has developed partnership programmes of support with local indigenous partner organisations that provide recipients with dignity and self respect and we try to offer the help and support that is necessary to bring about the kind of sustainable change that will bring long-term benefits to individuals, families and whole communities.
Important note:
Global Sponsor (or Mission International) does not currently levy any admin charges against our sponsorship programmes, this means that 100% of your donation Donate Online will go straight to the project.   Mission international seeks support for admin and overheads separately.   We are able to achieve this since all of our staff give of their time voluntarily and we also take strict steps to make sure our overheads are kept to the very minimum.
Getting involved:
You can get involved with Mission International's Global Sponsor in all sorts of ways.   For example you can help by setting up an 'Ambassadors for the Poor' group in your area to help raise funds for Global sponsor.   You can pray for the work of Mission International.   You can also go on a mission team, or if you are a medic, a medical mission team.
To get involved please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' page.
Support Global Sponsor:
To support Global Sponsor please visit our 'Make a Donation' page.

Global Sponsor is a project of Mission International a charity registered in Scotland number SC038645.