Aquest curs 2018-2019, a l'institut Can Vilumara, continuem fent l'optativa a 2n d'ESO "Global Scholars". Enguany tractem el tema "WORLD OF WATER".

Aquesta optativa té com a objectiu, entre d'altres, que els alumnes prenguin consciència de què vol dir ser ciutadà del món i, tot això, utilitzant l'anglès com a llengua vehicular.

Treballem conjuntament, al grup Breakthrough, amb altres 7 ciutats de diferents països:
Taipei (Taiwan), London (United Kingdom), Jacksonville (United States), Fort Lauderdale/Broward (United States), San Diego (United States), Buffalo (United States) i Madrid.

Global Scholars is an innovate online global awaraness education initiative that connects 10 to 13 years old students in global cities around the world. Internet-based educational activities develop students'global citizenship while enhancing critical 21st century skills including subject content mastery. English language communications, and technology proficiency. This blended learning program provides access to an interactive, multimedia online classroom and original curriculum materials, enabling students to learn and communicate about important issues international peers. Teachers gain year-round professional developement and a connection to a worldwide network of educators.

The 2018-19 Global Scholars curriculum explores the role of water in our lives, cities, and world. Students discover the importance of water to the unique culture, commerce, and daily life of their own cities and cities around the world. At the same time, students learn from one another as they investigate some of today’s most pressing environmental issues: water pollution, the impact of climate change, and the challenge of providing equal access to clean, safe drinking water. 


For more information: Global Cities Inc