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web site and description because it's funny. because it's funny. Inventing is a great way to spur creativity and show the relevance of physics 
One? Ha! Veritasium's youtube channel Rhett Allain at WIRED (dot physics) Frank Noschese and all his glory My Blog (so you can comment and help me), Think Thank Thunk Quantum of effing Progress Kelly O'Shea Oh, and go read "A Mathematician's Lament" by Paul Lockhart, it'll be the most mind blowing hour of your life. 
This isn't a site for following, but all new teachers should find blogs that relate to their teaching interests (PBL, technology, etc.) and follow them via RSS feeds. Also, they should get on twitter and follow relevant hashtags so they can keep current and take charge of their own professional development. 
Think Thank Thunk twitter hashtag #physicsed - Dean Baird has a ton of really useful resources he uses in his class. 
Action reaction 
Kelly O'Shea has lot's of great ideas to steal from 
PhET science demos ( 
Showing 21 items