Terms And Condition

Terms & Condition On Used

This terms and condition page is not apply to any affiliate/official/internal by any organization, company etc. This only used for our team on the blog and site. All can be time to time change and updated.

Anti Spam Policy
We understand the owner for images, text, flash, video, message etc, and we are not edit, remove, changed for all this material from original source companies.

Other Materials
Some content article writing are fully manage by Ric Ristianny Chow, and are not affiliate or relevant to any companies. There are just presentation for online purpose used, and communicate through offline way about this business.

Other affiliate and referral link or tools will be used on this site and blog for advertising space purpose. And all this are not relative or affiliate to eCosway.

This site or blog purposely design is to publish or promote our own team message to target marketplace. Some materials and tool being used is original from COMPANY and not edit or change it without permission. If you are audience or visitor from us, you can read more term of used, privacy and policy from company.

Mega Future team logo trademark, promotion text, image, flash, video etc. From our part, you are not allow to used it as your own part promote or publish at your way with any method on used it. Please credit back "http://malaysianglobalbusiness.blogspot.com" or "email us at this link" if you are interested to used it at your promoting.

Links Other Sites
Mega Future sites and blog will link to other online social community such as Facebook, Twitter, or even other online social bookmark, or even from other advertiser, article writer, supplier website, blog, and other online companies referral links or advertising text and image ads.

Other Affiliate, Referrals
There are not guarantee or warranty on you sign up, joining on this other affiliate or referrals or advertising text or images ads. There are your own risk on used or join or sign up or buy from they products and services. From Mega Future site and blog is purposely promote them is used for return some online monetize money for our cost and time on internet working.

All policy, privacy, terms and condition please refer to each advertiser, referrals own website.

--- End Terms & Condition ---

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