Privacy & Policy

Privacy & Policy

Respect and understand for security and used for information, text, images, flash, video, messages and important and right reserved by Mega Future, and designer provided by Ric Ristianny Chow. This section will explain on how we used and respective from other owner.

Location Used
We have register free account from Blogger which is free Blog provider and Site which is free site by Google. And we also used the online social community such as Twitter and Facebook.

Online URL Register
Blogger : Malaysian Global Business - The blog sharing the success tips, latest new message, alert news, product description and used, other online tools should be used etc. There are daily, weekly and monthly updating.

Google Site : Global Mega Future - Is the other sites we used it to promote who we are, what product we selling, the more F.A.Q section, How To Contact Us etc. There are not frequently updating site.

Twitter : Mega Future - Is the micro blogging (small and short messaging) which to update the latest news from our Blg and Sites and Facebook and others.

Facebook : Mega Future Fan Page - Explorer the info, text, message, flash, video, images etc into this Web 2.0 Technology. There are daily updating from owner or other members.

Whatever we used it at Blog, Sites etc are the from owner design or companies public used. There are not change, edit, remove etc if the source from companies.

All the materials and source which is images, flash, video, animation, effected etc are from the public source and without any edit or change inside it. All the description, text, message etc is from fully original owner writing.

Privacy & Policy Link
All the privacy and policy are write at, and there are linked together with

Promotional Message
Some promotion message are update from company as original which cannot and not allowed to modify or edit or add.

Contact Us
Our team "Mega Future" try to make sure all the information and very useful and helpful for yours, and convince feel comfortable doing business with us together at eCosway. If you have any question, please do not hesitate through Malaysian Global Business Blog Contact Us page.

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All the text message, promotional text, and some image, flash, video etc are create and taken by this Blog Owner Ric Ristianyn Chow, and we respect all he work and affort to us.