Technical Requirements

Software Resources

A. Windows Tools (all Freeware)

1. Image Editing:  

PaintBox (no layers)

or GIMPshop (layers)

or Sumo Paint  (layers)

2. CD Track Capture 

Windows Media Player (versions 10 and higher) - bundled with Windows

or iTunes

3. Sound Recording 


4. Animation (Cell Animation: GIF89a standard) 


or  Make A Gif

or Movies12  

5. Desktop Video 

Window Movie Maker   - bundled with Windows

B. Macintosh Tools

1. Image Edit  

GIMPshop (layers)

or Sumo Paint  (layers)

2. CD Track Capture    


3. Sound Recording 


4. Animation (Cel Animation: GIF89a standard) 


or  Make A Gif

5. Desktop Video 


Course Software Tools



1. Microsoft Word (2003, 2007 or 2010), or equivalent,

 [students will need to provide this tool for themselves].

2. Other course software tools


These are either:


a.) normal utilities provided by Apple Computer, Inc (Mac) or

          the various PC vendors:


Screen Capture (built-in function)



Screen Capture (built-in function)

PhotoStory 3 for Windows

Windows Movie Maker

b.) Cross-Platform (Mac & PC) freeware provided by various vendors

Audacity (Sound Recording and Editing)

GIMPshop  (Image Editing)

Movies12  (Frame Animation)

JING   (Screen Capture Tutorials)

c. Internet tools

Zamzar  (Poster JPG  and/or   Audio MP3)

Sumopaint  (Image Editing)

Yodio   (Audio Podcasting  and/or  Photostories)


See the course Resources page (found in the Important Information folder) for links to download various Freeware, Shareware, Evaluation and Trial Versions.


 The Course Technical Module will use the following Applications:

digital images (Internet, Digital Cameras, Scanner and  GIMPshop or Sumopaint),

sound and soundtracks (Audacity),
animation and clip art (Movies12, iMovie, GifBuilder)
multimedia curriculum planning and final project design (Inspiration or Word Processor)
multimedia authoring (Photostory 2 for Windows, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, or Yodio)

Recommended Hardware and Peripherals


1. Windows XP/Vista/7 PC and/or Mac OSX 


recommended ratings:

   OS X  or Windows XP

   500 MHz or greater processor speed

   512 Mb or greater RAM

2. Project Creation and Communication Tools


Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

DSL or Broadband Internet connection

Internet Browser


3. Digital Sound Tasks

CD/DVD drive


4.  Digital Image Tasks
(must have access to one or more)

Digital Still Camera


Video Card

5. Optional for Project Storage

CD/DVD burner

Course Task-specific Support


  1. The course web site tutorials and readings
  2. Software built-in Help options
  3. Curricular examples
  4. Instructor available on-line and via telephone


Note: Help with myLesley is available via links on your Home Portal page


Most of the course Learning Modules consist of four (4) parts which you are asked to do each week and provide evidence of successful of completion. See the Course Calendar for specific Module Task Due Dates (found as link on main course page left column).

1. Technical tutorial

  • introduces technology and system requirements and features
  • read manuals, help guides, tutorials, and/or explanatory material
  • set-up, configure and test software
    (install and manage application software)

 2. Sample curricular example

  • examine how the examples were created
  • demonstrate ability to extend sample

 3. Research and discuss curricular applications

  • read Text and/or other articles and essays
  • write reflections
  • contribute to group discussions

4. Educational application of the technology

  • create an instructional multimedia or student learning product

    Software in the class

    • Inspiration 8 by Inspiration Software
    • Kidspiration 2 by Inspiration Software

    • Audacity

    • Adobe Photoshop 6.0 by Adobe Systems, Inc.
    • Adobe Photoshop Elements by Adobe Systems, Inc.
    • Adobe Premiere Elements by Adobe Systems, Inc.
    • ImageBlender by Tech4Learning
    • MediaBlender by Tech4Learning
    • QuickTime Pro by Apple
    • Adobe Premiere 5 by Adobe Systems, Inc. (Windows 98 / 2000 & Macintosh only)

    Microphones and Speakers

    Digital Video Camera
    DVD –Scanning Television by Harcourt Brace Canada

    • Windows Media Player 10 for Windows XP:
    • Windows MovieMaker v. 2.1 for Windows XP:
    • WinZip 9.0 SR-1 21-day Trail: