Europe Dotmap

591 million points (one per person) at 72.147 administrative areas (municipalities, provinces,...) from 53 countries (EU states, EFTA states, EU applicants, EU potential candidates, European microstates, EU outermost regions). The data come from a fusion of two big data sets. Data from Estimated 2015 population by NASA SEDAC - Gridded Population of the World v3, and Administrative areas by Global Administrative Areas (GADM v2).

The working method is a replica of Brandon Martin-Anderson's
Census Dotmap. Using geospatial data with Python and GDAL to generate an interactive map based on image tiles. Google Drive serves the tiles to MapTiler client. Basemap is a Google Maps custom map style. The result is a beautiful and interesting map which shows an approximation to the european population distribution pattern, and helps to interpret the vast data amount.


591.391.284 people (points)
72.147 administrative areas
32 GB CSV file


Carles Fonfria, Marc Oller

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