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Current Issue
Global Journal of English Language and Literature
(ISSN 2320-4397)
Volume 2, Issue 3, August 2014

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Arijit Ghosh

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Lost in Untranslation: The Untranslated Word and Representations of Otherness in Colonial and Postcolonial Literature

Victoria Barnett-Woods

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“Harrison Bergeron” Unbound: Willful or Collusive Ambiguity?

Jamal En-nehas

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                   From Mother Tongue to Many Tongues: Designing Tasks to Teach English in the Multilingual Classroom

Anand Mahanand

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Questioning the Boundaries: Exploration of Pre-Modern World-Order in Amitav Ghosh’s In an Antique Land

Samik Dasgupta

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African American Mourning Stories Death and Mourning in Edward Jones’ The Known World


Elham Shayegh

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Beyond syntactic inexactitudes: textual equivalence in Ola Rotimi’s The gods are not to blame


Ayo Ayodele & Babatunde Ayodele

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Virginia Woolf’s authorial ellipses from Jacob's Room to Mrs. Dalloway

Bradley Bowers

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 9 English Language Needs of ESL/EFL Students of Science and Technology: A Review

Madhumathi P.

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