Please note that, to receive lunch, you must RSVP for lectures even though you may already be enrolled in the selective. And for those not enrolled in the selective but curious to learn more, welcome! We are glad you will be joining us.


9/14: Introductory Lunch

Drs. Tom Coates and Lee Miller
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**Please remember that this is a mandatory event for those enrolled in the global health selective.**

9/20: Global HIV Care and Treatment
Dr. Risa Hoffman
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9/25: Working in International Health: Perspectives from UCLA's Program in Global Health

Laurie Bruns and Mushambi Muturna
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9/27: The Role of Surgery in Global Health
Dr. Dan DeUgarte
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10/4: Breaking Through Barriers to New Global Health Solutions
Dr. Chris Wilson, Gates Foundation
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10/18: Stories from the Field: Experiences of Doctors without Borders
Doctors Without Borders (MSF)
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10/23: A Pediatric Perspective on Global Health
Dr. Lee Miller
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10/25: 'Teaching to Fish" in Global Health

Dr. Ross Donaldson
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10/30: Logic Models in Global Health Interventions
Dr. Hy Doyle
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**Please remember that this is a mandatory event for those enrolled in the global health selective.** 

11/1: Health and Human Rights
Dr. Lara Stemple
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11/8: Roles of NGOs in International Response

Dr. Steve Commins
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11/27: The Architecture of Global Health International Assistance

Dr. Tom Coates
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11/29: First Do No Harm (Movie Screening)
Global Health Faculty
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9/24: Laurie Bruns and Mushambi Mutuma

10/4: Dr. Chris Wilson (Gates Foundation)

10/17: Doctors Without Borders (MSF): "Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders" Moving Screening with Q&A, Tampkin Auditorium RRMC B-130
10/25: Dr. Victor Tabbush, TBD
11/15: Dr. Tom Chiller, TBD

Please send an email to Erin (esimmer [at] to RSVP for each of the journal clubs.