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For Global Health Learners

Are you visiting East Africa? Check out the East Africa Traveler Safety Activity

Carry out tasks that take you to a local village, slum and rescue center for street children. Use the knowledge you obtain to care for and diagnose patients at the local hospital. 

Learn about diseases endemic to the area and how to avoid getting them by reading your E.A. Traveler manual. 


If you are Exposed to a risk factor for disease or injury and are losing avatar health, take the right medication from your Medicine Backpack to cure yourself.

Communicate with computer-generated members of the local community who are non-player characters (NPCs) in order to achieve set objectives. 

Test your Knowledge without exiting the activity by communicating with your team leader on the radio devices throughout the virtual site
Return to the activity at any time to hang out with other travelers at the Mzungu House. The grid is voice-enabled. A computer head set is recommended for voice-chat. See optimizing your viewer for instructions on enabling voice and setting preferences.

Are you ready? 
For Affiliate Students/Instructors only: 
Choose a username and password, then send an access request with your username and a brief explanation of why you would like to access the activity to globalhealthgrid@gmail.com

Click HERE to download a 3D viewer. You may use any open sim compatible viewer. Follow the instructions below to set up your viewer to log into AfricaTraveler. Contact us if you have any questions.

Instructions for using Imprudence Viewer: The Imprudence 3D viewer has some limitations but can be loaded on a flash drive and does not require installation on your computer. When you receive a confirmation email that your account is ready, unzip the downloaded Imprudence viewer zip file using "Extract all". 

Find the Imprudence application (*.exe) file to open the viewer. click on the Imprudence application file to start the viewer and enter your user name and password. 

Not an Affiliate Student or Instructor?  Want to try out the activity right now?

Ensure that your viewer is open sim compatible. If you do not have a 3D Viewer, visit our viewer download page. See the specific instructions on Imprudence viewers above.

To set up your Viewer
1. Open the viewer program
2. Click on the "Grid Manager" button at the bottom near the space for password entry
3. In the Grid Manager, Click on "Create” or "Add new grid";
4. Enter http://africatraveler.bio-se.info:9000/ in the login URI box
5. Click on Refresh URI 
6. If needed, enter AfricaTraveler for the Grid name
7. Click OK and close the grid manager 
8. To make a new account go to http://africatraveler.bio-se.info/
9. Open your viewer program and log in with your user name and password

This is a temporary account which will be deleted after 14 days. You may log in again, but you will have to create a new account and customize your avatar again.

For the best 3D experience, please follow the suggestions on optimizing your 3D viewer

Questions? Email us at globalhealthgrid@gmail.com

Access to the GlobalHealth3D Grid is provided for educational purposes only. The grid manager reserves the right to monitor and eject users who violate the terms of service. Hosted by the Virtual Islands for Better Education (VIBE) Group

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