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Science, Evolution, and Development
Technology (Engineering, Infotech, Sociotech, Cognotech, Biomedtech)
Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources
Economics, Capitalism, Finance, Globalization, and Innovation Infrastructure
Politics, Security, Democracy, Rights, Health Care, and Sustainability Infrastructure 
Culture: Society, Ethics, Media, Art, Design, Education, Religion 
Organizations: Leadership, MgmtInnov & Entrep, Org. Sustainability & Development 
Personal: Family, Relationships, Careers, and Lifestyle
Fiction: Realistic Future Fiction

Top Foresight Blogs, Websites and e-News - Lists and Selections

Top Foresight Blogs
Accelerating Future
Intriguing reporting from the transhumanist frontier (Michael Anissimov)
Bruce Klein's blog on artificial general intelligence
APM's Future Tense
American Public Media. Daily "five-minute capsules" on the latest technology topics (Jon Gordon)
A Thousand Tomorrows
Panopticon's incisive and integral blog on foresight and futuring (Belgium).
Black Belt Bayesian
Methodical rationality and accelerating technological trends
Brian Johnson's Zaadz Blog
Brian Johnson's CEO-blog on Zaadz, a social change network.
Broader Perspective
Insights into personal, societal, and technological transformation (Melanie Swan).
Depressed Metabolism
The latest in cryonics research (Aschwin de Wolf, Chana de Wolf)
Existence is Wonderful
Life Extension and Neurodiversity (Anne Corwin)
Fight Aging!
Weblog on developments in radical life extension
Foresight Culture
Thoughts on improving organizational foresight by John Mahaffie, Leading Futurists LLC
Futurist ideas on the verge (Sandra Burchsted, Michele Bowman, Jamais Cascio, Wayne Pethrick)
Future Current
Transcripts from futurist conference talks and interviews 
Future Pundit
Science and tech trends and their likely effects on society, politics, and evolution (Randall Parker)

Gates Notes
Bill Gates' blog on global issues, highlighting his interests and work in with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Bill Gates)
Global Voices Online
A global community of bloggers, video bloggers, and citizen journalists speaking out about social justice and humanitarian issues (Berkman Center, Harvard U) 
IFTF's Future Now
Alex Pang's blog on the future of technoly, health, and organizational change. 
Integral Singularity
Lion Albaugh's vision for a balanced, human-championing approach to biology-surpassing technological intelligence. Great title.
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
Promoting the democratization of science and the advancement of sustainability policy and technologies (Arjun Makhijani)

Organizational and social strategic foresight, with an emphasis on transformation and change management (Frank Spencer and Mike Morrell)
Kevin Kelly Cool Tools
Great books, gadgets, software, videos, maps, hardware, and websites you should know about.'s Accelerating Intelligence News
Ray Kurzweil's updates on leading-edge and bleeding-edge tech advances. 
Lessig Blog
Lawrence Lessig on building the creative commons, a user-centric cyberspace.
Lifeboat Foundation Blog
Weblog on existential risk mitigation
Internet journal of emerging medical technologies. Nicely futuristic.
Michael Graham Richard
Futurism weblog by Michael Graham Richard
Minding the Planet
Nova Spivak's thoughts on the emerging high-tech planet.
Seeking a sooner, safer transition to generalized artificial intelligence (Luke Muelhauser, Eliezer Yudkowsky)
News at Seven
A takeoff on EPIC (Evolving Personalized Info. Construct) personalized news. News, point/counterpoint, opinion, and gaming. 
Next Big Future
Brian Wang on nanotechnology, space travel and many other technologies
Next Nature
Exploring how culture and technology are becoming autonomous (Koert Mensvoort, Netherlands)
Oligopoly Watch
Charting the rise and influence of MNC oligopolies globally. Insightful. 
Open The Future
Cultural observations from a leading professional futurist (Jamais Cascio)
Excellent lookbacks to "the future that never was." Prediction analysis (examining strengths and weaknesses of past prediction).
Short, insightful essays on previous future predictions. Valuable for prediction analysis.
Ross Mayfield's Weblog
Thoughts on markets, technology, and digital culture.
Self-Aware Systems
Steve Omohundro's posts on self-improving AI technology
Sentient Developments 
Award-winning blog by Toronto-based futurist George Dvorsky
Sonia Says...
Blog on technological developments, lately focusing on radical life extension (Sonia Arrison)
Thoughtful reporting on positive trends and future developments (Phil Bowermaster)
The Future of Things
Community blog on AI, longevity, technology, futurism, etc. (Iddo Genuth, Israel)
Research and news on future of work and organizations (Graeme Codrington, Dean van Leeuwen, United Kingdom)
Unreliable Futures
Blog by author of The Rough Guide to the Future - a work in progress. (Jon Turney)
Alex Steffen's blog on ways to create a "bright green" future. 
World Clock
Counters on global population, death, illness, energy, crime, food, environment, and more. Great for getting "Topsight" about our complex and increasingly quantified/simulated world. Check it out!

Top Web News Portals - Daily/Weekly Scan
Astrobiology Magazine
Good online coverage of the latest news in this exciting field.
Top level tech and business news, customized and filtered.
Technology focused news site where the stories are chosen by community members rather than editors.
Dropping Knowledge
Enables the global public to ask and answer questions, exchange ideas, and start initiatives around the most pressing issues of our time (Germany and US).
Auto-generated news summaries drawing on experts and pundits, insiders and outsiders, media professionals and amateur bloggers.
New York Times Online 
Excellent website for popular coverage of sci-tech. Tuesdays: Science, Thursdays: Technology.

Good daily e-business and technology news. 
APA's daily psych/cog sci research and treatment advances
Science Daily
Great daily lay science summaries.
Leading daily geek culture site.
MSN's daily news portal. Good local news summaries, reader commentary. 

A real-time search engine tracking the blogosphere.

Top Web News Portals - Monthly/Quarterly Scan
Acceleration Watch
Systems theories and models of universal and local accelerating change (John Smart).
Astrobiology Magazine
Good online coverage of the latest news in this exciting field.
ESRC's thrice annual magazine of UK social science research and policy ideas.
Leading site for deep social, technological, and scientific commentary (John Brockman).
First Monday
Peer reviewed monthly commentary on the internet and society.

Nanotechnology Now
Good coverage of the emerging nanotechnology sector (Rocky Rawstern).
Now with Bill Moyers (PBS)
Excellent in-depth discussions of politics, economy, community, health, culture. 
User-submitted news items and discussions on Singularity-related technological topics
Terra Nova
Expert discussion of the evolution of synthetic/virtual worlds.
The Future of Things (TFOT)
Good Israel-based community blog on the future of AI, medicine, displays, storage, nanotech, futurism, etc. (Iddo Genuth).

Top Free Newsletters

Accelerating Intelligence News
Editor: Amara Angelica. Daily or weekly options.
Accelerating Times
Editor: John Smart. Quarterly or biannually since 2001. Now bimonthly.
Electronic Recruiting News/Bugler
Editor: John Sumser. Great daily overview of global labor trends.
Emerging Technologies Newsletter: MIT Technology Review
Thrice weekly.
Editor: John Peterson. Twice monthly since 2000.
Future Brief
Daily or weekly updates on important issues in an accelerating world.
Future Portal (Anne Arundel Community College)
Editor: Steve Steele. Monthly since 2005.
FutureShapers Monthly
Humanistic insights for thriving in a world of change. Editor: John Renesch
Futurist Update
Editor: Cindy Wagner. Monthly since 2000.
Futurist News
Editor: Glenn Hiemstra. Monthly since 2000. 
Harrow Technology Report
Editor: Jeff Harrow. Twice monthly, web and audio since 1996.
Weekly or daily.
London Trend Report
Editor: Oona Strathern, Matthias Horx. Monthly. Marketing and culture trends.
Human choices in shaping technology (Steve Talbott)
SRI Business Intelligence News
Top-level futures scanning and whitepaper products. Archive.

Top Subscription Newsletters
Future Survey
Michael Marien's unparalled survey of books on trends and the future. $98/year.
Optimistic news, trends and ideas on our increasingly better future. 
Gilder Technology Report
Editor: George Gilder. Monthly. $195/year. Warning: Undiversified, short-term tech investing is very risky.
INTELLIGENCE: The Future of Computing
Editor: Ed Rosenfeld. Published monthly since 1984. $395/year. For free sample, email ed(at) 
MIT Technology Insider
Monthly. $95/year.
Radical Middle
Editor: Mark Satin. Valuable "third way" political inquiry. Bi-Monthly since 1999. $36/year.
The Systems Thinker
Pegasus Communication's systems thinking business letter. $169/two years.
Trends Journal
Forecasting global trends since 1980. $99/year.

cience, Evolution, and Development Blogs, Websites and e-News
- Lists and Selections 

Top Science Blogs
Evolving Thoughts
Philosophy of biology, science, and systematics (John Whitfield)

Rationalist, naturalist discussion of evolution, nice critiques of 'Intelligent Design' folks (Larry Moran, Prof. of Biochem at U. Toronto).
Structure & Strangeness
Network analysis (social, economic, technical), ev. biology, constraints on morphological diversity computer science (Aaron Clauset)
The Inverse Square
Science and public policy. (Thomas Levenson)
The Reference Frame
Physics and world events from a conservative superstring physicist (Lubos Motl)
Three Toed Sloth
A gifted polymath's thoughts about life, the universe, and everything (Cosma Shalizi) 
This is a great science site, it contains all of the scientific journal publications in one collection for your reading pleasure.

Great articles on new technologies and news event. 

This website is from the director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University. He writes a lot about ethics of human advancement and predicting the future of humanity. [Eric Kaplan]

Back to the Moon
This is news from NASA on how they are planning their next space mission to go. I watched a special about this on discovery channel and it was amazing. It will give you insight on to a future of possibly living on the moon! [Kristopher Velez]

Future Science
This is a news website for a non-profit organization that discusses future science. It shows a lot of foreshadowing as well as things uncovered from the past. [Kristopher Velez] What follows is not a comprehensive look at the year 2088, but a mosaic of projections, guesses and fables gathered by UW writers and complied byColumns Editor Tom Griffin. - This link is an actual futurist website that deals with the future of fashion, economics, technology and just about anything else futurist.

Eric Fisher
The Reason i would like to post this is because it has great information on future changed that have to do with Medicine and how it will effect our world with tommorrows Vaccines, Drugs, and treatments. It gives a good amount of information on this topic and it seems to give a lot of information on these topics in the health side of the future outlook and whats to come.

Another site that caught my eye that some of you guys and gals out there would like is future of computers and how they will become more powerfull and be able to handle more processes and things at once then todays computers.

Another great Topic on the future would have to be how our food will change in the future and wher we get it from. Who's going to supply it and grow it? How it will be growed like what fertilizer and other things science is making our food do and whats in it?

News at Seven
A site that generates a daily, user-defined topically-customized news snippets, delivered by digital avatar. Moves RSSfeed-type info streams into a more polished, traditional format. - Pajamas

Technology (Engrg, Infotech, Sociotech, Cognotech, Biomedtech) Blogs, Websites and e-News - Lists and Selections 

Brandon Jacobs is a great place to get up to date information on all of you favorite tech stuff. There are sub sites devoted to specific interests like photography, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, pc gaming, and Apple. The site has many different writers that have joined over time, so the info is extremely up to date and usually valuable. 

Bernard Clary
Ars Technica. This is a website dedicated to posting new information from the worlds of tech, gaming, business,
and law. The blogs on this site are well written and informative and give insight into new and upcoming technology as
well as how they affect other fields.

Bernard Clary
Tech Crunch. This is another tech related website along the lines of ars technica. The posts aren't as long as those
from ars technica but they provide great information in short summary forms for the readers.

Entomopter Project
The Entomopter Project is a micro-UAV being developed by Robert C. Michelson and his research team from the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), University of Cambridge in England, and ETS Labs. The Entomopter utilizes biologically-inspired design to provide a new testbed for future low-to-no gravity data acquisition. Of particular interest is the Entomopter's fuel efficiency. [Chris Schoerning]

Speckled Computing is a project being worked on by several universities in the United Kingdom that is attempting to create a working model of a distributed computing network comprised entirely of tiny little specks that include nothign but a power source, a basic processor, and a method of transmission/receiving data. This ultraminiatruized computing model is something that I think could change the world in the future. \Bill Nega\

[Brant Hestrup]
Quantum Computing -- 
This is a link to the Wikipedia page for Quantum Computing. Quantum Computing is likely to be the next major step in the evolution of computers and technology.

Space Future- A website about the public and space. Space is the next thing to colonize and this site proposes ideas to take the next step. This websites helps explain how robots work in more detail then most people know. If robots are on the rise, it might be a good idea to understand them more 

Eric Fisher
Hey it's me again well this time i found something interesting on how our cities will look in the future and see what kind of changes will take place and make cites a safter, better and funner places to live. It shows alot of interesting things that could change possibly for the better. (Websites) This page talks all about the energy that we might or are using to replace oil at some point in our lives. I think its a good page because it goes through a lot about what can be good about the sources of energy and bad. - Ryan Rizzo (other)
This page is about this trak-air product that lets you cook many foods that before you would need oil or grease but instead u dont need any. I like this page because I thought it was a pretty cool product and I have never seen it before and thought it would be something cool to look at and see how it really works on the inside and how they could use this and make it better - Ryan Rizzo
This page talks about how they are trying to reduce the landfill amounts and try and saving space. this machine takes garbage/trash and turns it into energy. I thought this was cool because this could help us a lot on the o-zone and saving the land - Ryan Rizzo

A search engine that uses natural language processing to pull answers from wikipedia. - Pajamas

A good place to learn about new energy sources and what we're doing with them! - ezerhauden

A short paper about quantum teleportation with some extra links. - ezerhauden
A great resource that examines the positives and negatives of emerging technologies. 
A powerful resource that can fuel (pardon the pun) discussion in our classroom. - Steven Janca
This is an interesting website because it talks about a birth control pill and then goes off to talk about the concept of a death control pill. It is kind of a long read but its worth skimming through at the least. To me this page was extremely interesting, because it deals with an topic that i think everyone can relate to. - Brad Stein

Space Future
This is another awesome link that takes you to a website that deals with space habitat, and you can also look through possible vehicles, tourism, and sources of power. I like this page because it talks about something that all humans have been interested in, space travel and living. - Brad Stein
Take a look at this website if you are interested in nanotechnology, it has a lot of articles on it and has a good resources page. I thought that this page was very interesting and is an excellent page to check out if you are interested in researching nanotech. - Steve Janca

Brain Fingerprinting/P300 wave- A developing method of interrogation examining how a persons brain waves respond to stimuli. Rather than asking questions, the person is shown several pictures (or other forms of stimuli). If the person's brain "recognizes" the picture, it is detected and recorded. This can be used to determine if a criminal has a memory of seeing the inside of a bank vault, for instance. - Pajamas 
"An examination of futurism/futurology, emerging trends, disruptive innovations... and all their unintended consequences." -A blog that examines all the new and hot topic emerging technologies that are happening in the world today and tomorrow. The good, the bad, the unforeseen. All you need to know about whats coming up cited from several different sources. A good resource for our class as a quick "pick me up" of futurist knowledge. - Steve Janca

Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources Blogs, 
Websites and e-News
- Lists and Selections 

Global Voices Online
A non-profit organization of global bloggers, video bloggers, and citizen journalists speaking out about social justice and humanitarian issues. Many voices from developing nations, that are never heard on Western corporate media, can be found here. Their stories are amazing and compelling. GVO is funded by Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, an academic center trying to make cyber law and the internet a global force for advancing democracy and improving society.

Economics, Capitalism, Finance, Globalization, and Innovation Blogs, Websites and e-News
- Lists and Selections 

Something for the econoheads This is a very long article, the site seems like a good place to explore for those interested in current events, etc. This specific address leads to an article that talks about trends in the economy, and where that may lead. I didn't read the whole thing, but what I did seemed interesting enougt to post, so here it is. (stephen271)

Financial Forcasting
A long article on ways to predict how a stock will act in the future. This article attempts to inform the reader on how to pick a profitable stock in the future. [Kristopher Velez]
This page talks about the new idea of you might say... Yes money, taking all of what we have worked on and making it into one simple thing. I thought this page was cool because it talks about how our money life style will change. - Ryan Rizzo

Politics, Security, Democracy, Rights, Health Care, and Sustainability Blogs, Websites and e-News
- Lists and Selections 

This is another article, but the site may be useful for future searches.
It goes over the trends of society, economy, and government, and states some interesting opinions of the governments existence in the future, I was caught in it, enough to read through at least half the article, which is where the future talk starts. That is why I am posting this.(stephen271)

NY Senator pushes for cameras on cop handguns
Something I explicitly remember from one of the lectures, seems a prediction might be about to be fulfilled! - Tom Andrys

Culture: Society, Ethics, Media, Art, Design, Education, Religion Blogs, Websites and e-News
- Lists and Selections 

Education, 21st Century Style
This is an older article that predicts the uses of online classes and other technologies in the classroom. The reason I am posting it is because if you read the whole thing you can see how much teaching has evolved since then. They predict many things that happened and still might. Online classes, etc. It is worth reading to really understand how far we have come in education. -Alan Cacciamani-

I think this has to do with Media, and society, its the future of Gaming. Its from PBS, so you know its true, ha. Anyways, I (stephen271 don't want to lose credit for this) think it had some good general info about the future of gaming, general, not advanced, but worth checking out.

15 Failed Predictions of the End of the World During 2006
Great examples of "extreme prediction" from the good folks at

Organizations:  Org. Leadership, MgmtInnov, Entrep, Sustain & Devel Blogs, Websites and e-News - Lists and Selections 

A first step towards the values revolution. Actics is a site where users list which values are important to them (environmentalism, compassion, etc) and then rate companies on how well they comply - Tom Andrys

Another websites devoted to the reputation of businesses. - Tom Andrys

Email-based reputation lookup. -Tom Andrys

Personal: Family, Relationships, Careers, and Lifestyle Blogs, Websites and e-News
- Lists and Selections 

Twine is a new program that collects information that passes through a person, then analyses it. Could be a great start to having digital personas. - Tom Andrys

openID is a website for managing your online identity - Tom Andrys

Fiction: Realistic Future Fiction Blogs, Websites and e-News - Lists and Selections 
[In realistic future fiction (RFF) the substantial majority of the plot feels like it actually could happen in the future, under the right circumstances. Most fantasy and science fiction is entertaining, but not realistic foresight, except in minor parts.]  

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