Global Foresight wiki is a project of FERN (Foresight Education and Research Network), an organization formed by ASF, a 501c3 charitable nonprofit. As FERN grows, we expect it will become its own separate organization. 

The following links will take you to the FERN website, where you can meet (and join!) the Staff, Advisors, or Sponsors of this wiki.

FERN Staff - Our Research Directors edit and run the Global Foresight wiki. Become one!
FERN Advisors - Our Advisors are leading foresight professionals who help us with our mission to network and support the global foresight student and grad community.
FERN Sponsors - Our Sponsors fund FERN research, publications, networking, conferences, and other projects for the global foresight community. Become one!

Interested in joining the FERN Staff for 2013? Check us out!
Are you a doer and leader? Do you have any academic or professional training in foresight? Do you have a passion for improving foresight education, employment, or research in academic, institutional, or corporate settings? 
We'd love to hear from you.

If you would like editing privileges on this wiki, please email the wiki moderators, susanchesleyfant{at}gmail{dot}com or 
johnsmart{at}accelerating{dot}org, with a brief paragraph on your background, and ask for editing access. We are always looking for more foresight students, professionals, grads, and advocates to post here and help the global foresight community.