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Science, Evolution, and Development
Technology (Engineering, Infotech, Sociotech, Cognotech, Biomedtech)
Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources
Economics, Capitalism, Finance, Globalization, and Innovation Infrastructure
Politics, Security, Democracy, Rights, Health Care, and Sustainability Infrastructure
Culture: Society, Ethics, Media, Art, Design, Education, Religion
Organizations: Leadership, MgmtInnov & Entrep, Org. Sustainability & Development 
Personal: Family, Relationships, Careers, and Lifestyle

Top Foresight
 Platforms - Sites, Lists, Selections 
(Analytical, Databases, Expert, Innovation, Learning, Prediction, Research, Search, Wiki) 

Analytical Platforms
Excellent web intelligence and predictive analytics tool.

Databases - Free
Electronic preprint archive for physics, math, computer science, quant. biology, and other subjects. Over 100,000 articles.
Collaboration database linking much of European Science and Technology R&D and funding.
Finland Futures Research Center's proprietary platform for searching academic futures research journals. Free limited access.
Lay and Delphi survey on the long-term impacts and future of the internet. Joint project with Elon University.
Pub Med Central 
NIH's free database of life sciences publications.
Scientific Commons
Free archive of scientific publications. Over 22 million.
Databases - Subscription
Hundreds of quality subscription databases can be accessed at any large university or public library. Here are a few:
A database covering business, management, economics and related fields. Journals, magazines, dissertations, newspapers, etc. ProQuest.
Rapidly growing online database of multidisciplinary and discipline specific journals. Insitutitional access, limited individual access.
Comprehensive legal, news, business and public record information.
An abstract (not full-text) database of psychological literature from the 1800s to the present.
Largest fee-based electronic collection of science, technology and medicine full text and bibliographic information. Elsevier.
Large abstract and citation database of research literature and quality web sources. Elsevier.
Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
Large collection of online social science research. Free abstracts, some free papers, many paid.
Web of Science/Science Citations Index
Track any paper and see who else has referenced it since publication. Surf the memespace of idea evolution. Free access only at major research libraries.

Expert Platforms (Delphi, Survey, Intelligence Groups)
Global Futures Intelligence System
Forty six international expert groups working and reporting in fifteen Challenge Groups: Sustainable Development and Climate, Clean Water, Population and Resources, Democratization, IT, Rich-Poor Gap, Health, Decisionmaking, Peace and Conflict, Women's Status, Organized Crime, Global Ethics, Energy, and Science and Technology. Run by The Millennium Project
Roughly one hundred technology experts, scientists, engineers, and scholars, reporting existing forecasts and generating new forecasts across seventy existing and emerging technology areas. Technologies are tracked by adoption stage/life cycle. Run by Prof. Bill Halal and associates, of George Washington University and George Mason University.

Innovation Platforms
Powerful platform for crowdsourcing, incentivizing, and improving innovation ideas in mid-sized to large organizations.
Excellent platform for crowdsourcing, incentivizing, and improving innovation ideas in mid-sized to large organizations.

Learning Platforms
5,100 modules, 310 collections. A place to develop online content in reusable modular form. (2008)
Curriki Global Education and Learning Community
11,000 resources, 37,000 members. K-12 and beyond. 50 learning groups (2008)
iTrain Online
2,034 training resources in 280 categories (2008)
OER (Open Educational Resources) Commons
21,000 open educational resources in 6 major categories (2008)
OpenLearn (Open University)
300 courses or modules (2008)
Open Study (Preetha Ram, CLO)
Free peer learning network. Uses SmartScore, a crowdsourced competency assessment. 100K learners and helpers (2012)
OTP (Open Training Platform) of UNESCO (UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization)
8,773 training resources in 21 major categories (2008)
MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching)
19,258 materials in 19 major categories (2008)
MIT OpenCourseWare
1800+ courses in 35 departments at MIT. Primarily English. 
Translations available for some courses.
400,000 registered users. The leading open source course management system. Wikis, forums, content, student tracking. 
National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) (Monterey Institute)
Free for individual use. $3K to $100K/year for educational access. Supported by the Hewlett Foundation.
Open Culture
"The best free cultural and educational media on the web." Audio, eBooks, Movies, and Online Courses.
Slideshare (Slide Sharing and Webinar Community)
Thousands of slides and webinars (slides + audio) in 22 major categories. (2008)
Web-based lesson-building software for creating RLOs (reusable learning objects).
Educational platform with video (YouTube, TED, etc.) at the center of the learning experience.
WikiEducator (Commonwealth of Learning)
Unknown number of resources. Primarily English speaking.
Wikiversity (Wikimedia Foundation)
6,768 resources in 16 major categories. Five other languages as well. (2008).
See their School:Futures Studies and Category:Futures Studies. Help expand these!

Prediction Platforms
World's leading money-based prediction market.

Research Platforms
A free online service to organise and share references to academic papers. Easy to use. RIS, RSS, BibTeX output.
Great tool for reverse-engineering graphics to get the data points.
Journal Experts
PhD editors will review and improve your paper prior to journal publication.
Best online reference manager and PDF organizer. Collaborate in private or open groups.
A free, easy-to-use open source Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources.

Search Platforms and (for edu and govt resources)
Experimental research tool for research and education files on the web.
World's best general web search tool.
Google Scholar
Search scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, etc.
NLM Gateway/Medline
National library of medicine. Vast database of health, nursing, and biomedical science research.
Computational knowledge engine. Great tool for doing calculations and conversions, and searching quantitative facts.

Social Network Platforms
Create your own full-featured social networks. Paid. Limited tools.
For business networking. Free basic. 4M users.
Leading enterprise social network. Free. Some productivity tools.

Web Tools - General
DOAJ. Directory of Open Access Journals, scientific and scholarly. Full text. Free.
Docstoc. Sharing business, legal, and other professional documents. Free.
GDocs and Spreadsheets. Good basic collaboration platform. Free. 
GMail and GCalendar. Clean, fast, reasonably full-featured. Free basic. 
GModerator. Good tool to gather and prioritize opinions and voting on talks, presentations and events. Free.
GReader. Great tool for organizing RSS feeds and tracking site updates. Free.
LibraryThing. Catalog & find others with the same books. Free basic. 200K users.
Linqia. Search tool to find global online groups and social networks, by keyword interest.
Plaxo Pulse. FB-like business network. Free. 13M Plaxo users (not Pulse).
Rondee. Good truly free conference calling service. (Many have hidden billing).
Slideshare. Largest community for publicly sharing your presentations. Free.
SendSpace. Free file downloading. Sends large files easily.
SmugMug. Best fee-based online photosharing. Document your life. $40/yr. 300K users. 
Spock. A search tool for finding people by interest. Free. 80M "indexed" people.
Vimeo. Free video uploading and channels. 350MB/day free uploading limit (in 2010).
Yelp. Good reviews of local businesses and services. Democracy in action! Free.

Wikis and Reference
Authoritative source for country estimates, updated annually. 
Community-developed citizens encyclopedia wiki on congress 
Statistical data from over 100 U.S. agencies, and by topic.
Foundation for P2P Alternatives
Wide variety of information on creating a more open global culture. 
The best general wiki for information on global foresight culture. Check it out! No wait. Welcome! :)
Library of Congress (Online Catalog)
Can look up LC classification numbers for any valued book in your home library. Look it up here, see what else with a similar title you are missing! Even more extensive than Amazon's database (for now at least).
Community- developed wiki on public relations firms influencing public policy.
U.S. Census Bureau's Statistical Abstract of the United States
Authoritative statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. 125 years.

The largest online collaborative encyclopedia.

Science, Evolution, and Development Platforms - Sites, Lists, and Selections 

 Platforms - Sites, Lists, and Selections 

Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources
 Platforms - Sites, Lists, and Selections 

Economics, Capitalism, Finance, Globaliz, & Innovation
 Platforms - Sites, Lists, and Selections 

Politics, Security, Democracy, Rights, Health Care, & Sustain.
 Platforms - Sites, Lists, & Selections 

Culture: Society, Ethics, Media, Art, Design, Ed., Religion
 Platforms - Sites, Lists, and Selections 

Orgs: Leadership, MgmtInnov & Entrep, Org. Sustain & Development Platforms - Sites, Lists, & Selections 

Personal: Family, Relationships, Careers, and Lifestyle Platforms - Lists and Selections 

Multidisciplinary Platforms - Sites, Lists, and Selections 

Realistic Future Fiction (RFF)
 Platforms - Sites, Lists, and Selections 
[In realistic future fiction (RFF) the substantial majority of the plot feels like it actually could happen in the future, under the right circumstances. Most fantasy and science fiction is entertaining, but not realistic foresight, except in minor parts.] 

 Platforms - Sites, Lists, and Selections
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