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Top Foresight Periodicals
Science, Evolution, and Development
Technology (Engineering, Infotech, Sociotech, Cognotech, Biomedtech)
Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources
Economics, Capitalism, Finance, Globalization, and Innovation Infrastructure
Politics, Security, Democracy, Rights, Health Care, and Sustainability Infrastructure 
Culture: Society, Ethics, Media, Art, Design, Education, Religion 
Organizations: Org. Leadership, MgmtInnovation, Entrep, Sustainability & Development 
Personal: Family, Relationships, Careers, and Lifestyle
Fiction: Realistic Future Fiction

Top Foresight Periodicals - Sites 

Futurum, Finland Futures Research Center's proprietary platform for searching academic futures research journals. 

Global Foresight Books 
Michael Marien's expansive collection of foresight books (and some periodical) reviews. Michael compiled the famous Future Survey review of top foresight books for the World Future Society from 1979-2008, and has moved his work to this website. Enjoy! 

Top Strategic Foresight Journals (English-Language, Identified To Date)
1. Foresight: The Journal of Futures Studies, Strategic Thinking, and Policy (Emerald)
Important social, economic, political and tech issues shaping our futures and info on foresight activity around the world
2. Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting (IIF)
Applied forecasting design, management, model building, case studies.
3. Futures: The Journal of Forecasting, Planning, and Policy
Broad coverage of medium and long term futures trends and scenarios
4Info (Emerald)
Technological changes shaping the information infrastructure, economy, and society of the 21st century. Good foresight focus.
5. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research (Taylor & Francis)
A broad mix of forecasting, planning, and policy articles.
International Journal of Forecasting (Elsevier) 
Quantitative and occasional qualitative forecasting methodologies
7. International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy (Inderscience)

Knowledge creation, diffusion and utilisation in foresight, strategic intelligence (SI) and innovation policy
8. International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development
Balanced discussion of both technological innovation and controversies in sustainable development.
9. International Journal of Innovation Management (World Scientific, ISPIM)
Multidisciplinary approach to innovation management for academics, managers, and consultants.
10. Journal of Business Forecasting
Practical analysis and skill development for business-forecasting practitioners
Journal of Evolution and Technology (WTA)
e-journal on contemporary research into future science, ethics of emerging tech, and philosophy.

12. Journal of Forecasting (Wiley)
Theoretical, practical, and method issues in forecasting. Ops research, mgmt science, decision analysis, statistics, and economics
Journal of Futures Studies (Tamkang U)
Foresight, forecasting, long-range planning, visioning and futures research.
14. Journal of Organizational Change Management (Emerald)
Alternative philosophies for organizational change and development.
15. Journal of Organizational Transformation and Social Change (Maney)
Development and transformation of organizations and societies (economic, technological, sociopolitical, ecological).
16. Journal of the American Planning Association (APA)
Leading U.S. journal for social and policy planning. Since 1935.
Journal of Prediction Markets (U Buckingham Press)
Articles on all aspects of Prediction Markets, a promising new field of foresight research and policy analysis
18. Journal of Social Change (Walden U)
Applied research and theory on social change that improves the human condition and progresses people, groups, orgs, society.
Long Range Planning (Elsevier) 
A leading international journal of strategic management, aimed at senior managers (UK)
20. Policy Futures in Education (Symposium)
Foresighted debate in education among academics, government, think-tanks and agencies on education policy and theory. 
21. Technological Forecasting and Social Change (Elsevier)
Method and practice of technological forecasting, tech foresight, and futures studies and planning. Leading journal of its type.
22. World Future Review (WFS)
Referreed journal of transdisciplinary futures research.
23. World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution (Taylor & Francis)
Promotes the transfer of evolutionary and developmental models from the natural to the social sciences.   

Top Strategic Foresight Magazines and Select Secondary Journals (Starter List)
Big Ideas in Technology (Goodwin Proctor LLP)
A legal and practical guide for innovative tech companies. Twice a year.
Top weekly for general business reporting.
Business Ethics (Business Ethics)
Coverage of ethics, governance, corporate responsibility, and socially responsible investing.
A leading magazine for corporate learning and development (L&D) and training for enterprise productivity.
Information technology trends, insights, and analysis for corporate leaders using IT to achieve business goals.
Magazine for ethical and legal use of strategic, technical and competitive intelligence practices in a corporate environment.
Contingencies (American Academy of Actuaries) 
Good data-backed forecasting and risk analysis models and process
. Actually a magazine, but prestigious and with solid editorial criteria for publication. 
Award-winning general interest science and technology reporting.
Fast Company (Mansueto)
Magazine focused on progressive business innovation in technology, ethical economics, leadership, and design.
Forbes (Forbes)
A leading magazine for business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and lifestyle reporting.
A top business strategy review magazine. Strong on case studies, business research, and executive strategy.
IEEE Spectrum (IEEE)
Current and future tech trends and developments. A broad spectrum of top reporting, backed by a trusted organization.
Inc (Mansueto)
Leading magazine for small business management and entrepreneurship.
Information and Organization
Relationships between information technologies and social organization, and the social construction of IT.
Information Week (UBM Tech)
Trusted weekly and online forum for IT professionals. Reports in nine technology and vertical communities.
KM World (Information Today)
Serving knowledge management, content management, and document management professionals.
McKinsey Quarterly (McKinsey)
Management strategy and business insights from McKinsey's consulting experts and associates.
New Scientist
Science and technology coverage, with a speculative edge. Sometimes implausible, often intriguing. 
Leadng magazine for operations research and the management sciences. Improving quantitative mgmt of business processes.
Planning (American Planning Association)
Leading magazine advancing planning techniques and processes for community, urban, regional and national planning.
Popular Science
Current and emerging tech, including latest, and mostly faddish, gadgets. Always looking 5-10 years ahead of the curve.
Entire spectrum of technological innovation, from research and development to product development and marketing.
The leading risk management magazine. Covers Insurance, ERM, Strategic RM, Catastrophes, Reputation, and Cyber Risk.
Biweekly magazine of science developments, summarized for social and business relevance.
Strategy + Business (BoozAllen)
Great U.S. business strategy quarterly. Strong foresight focus.
Linking S&T analysis with the needs of policymakers and management. Strategy and policy from the firm to the nation.
Technology Review (MIT)
The leader in technology innovation reporting. Exemplary future awareness.
The Economist (Economist)
World's leading weekly in political coverage. Good business and technology coverage as well.
The Futurist (WFS)
Futures-related scanning magazine. Reasoned global and technological optimism.
Wallpaper (IPC Media)
Leading magazine of innovative, elegant design (products, services, built environment). 
 (Conde Nast)
The digerati's culture, opinion, and technology magazine. Trendy, excellent future focus. 8M circulation.
Yes! A Magazine of Positive Futures
Left-oriented community, sustainability, and practical optimism tools, ideas, and commentary.

Top Non-English Primary Foresight Journals (Starter List) 
1. Futuribles (Futuribles Group) [French]
Journal of prospective studies and foresight. 40 year history. (Bertrand and Hugues de Jouvenel)

Top Web-Based Primary Foresight Foresight Magazines and Newsletters (Starter List)
Independent transdisciplinary foresight magazine. Pub. of Center for Transcultural Foresight. (Dave Stein, President).

Science, Evolution, and Development Periodicals - Sites, Lists, and Selections 

Top Journals (Starter List)
Bi-monthly, serious cross-disciplinary journal on the rapidly expanding science of complex adaptive systems.
Complexity International
A referreed journal dealing with the generation of complex behaviour from the interaction of multiple parallel processes. Monash University (Australia)
e-Journal of scientometric, bibliometric and informetric research, with emphasis on the Internet. CINDOC (Madrid, Spain) 
Developmental Science
Research advances in human developmental cognitive neuroscience.
Classic quarterly on hist&philos of science. Est 1942. 

Information and Organization
Understanding the relationships between information technologies and social organization, and the social construction of IT.
Information Society
Impacts, policies, system concepts, and methodologies related to information technologies and changes in society and culture.
Refereed journal on complex systems. New England Complex Systems Institute (Cambridge, MA). 
International Journal of Astrobiology
Covers cosmic prebiotic chemistry, planetary evolution, the search habitable zones, extremophile biology, experimental simulation of extraterrestrial environments, life detection in our solar system and beyond, intelligent life and societal aspects of astrobiology.
International Journal of Systems Science
Quantitative and qualitative methods for performance and reliability engineering for a range of autonomous and intelligent systems.
Journal of Documentation
Scholarly articles, research reports and critical reviews in the information sciences.
Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems
Leading journal of mathematical analysis of dynamical systems and geometrical control theory.
Journal of Memetics
Evolutionary models of information transmission. Principia Cybernetica Project (Brussels, Belgium)
Journal of Nonlinear Science
Applying nonlinear science and math to engineering, geophysics, physics, and astronomy. Springer-Verlag.
Journal of Scientific Exploration
Investigation of speculative and anomalous subjects usually ignored by science. Since 1987. 
Journal of World Systems Research
Scholarly research relative to the analysis of world systems. UC Riverside/UC Santa Cruz.
Covering history of science and technology (HoST) philosophy of S&T (PoST), and science, technology and society (STS) disciplines.
NanoEthics: Ethics for Technologies that Converge at the Nanoscale (Springer)
Forum for ethical and social issues of nanotechnology. Nicely augments and grounds popular discussion of these issues.
Science, Technology, and Human Values
Journal of the society for the social studies of science (4S).
Speculations in Science and Technology
Speculative papers on physical, math, biol, med and engrg sciences. Pub. to 1998. 
Systems Dynamics Review
Applys system dynamics (modelling, simulation, feedback) to societal, technical, managerial, and environmental problems.
Systems Research and Behavioral Science
New theories, experimental research, and applications in all levels of living and non-living systems. A classic systems theory journal.
Theoretical Biology
Leading forum for interdisciplinary theoretical papers that give insight into biological processes. 
Time & Society
Journal for the transdisciplinary study of time and temporality (Barbara Adam).
Trends in Ecology and Evolution
The most exciting current research in all aspects of ecology and evolutionary biology, from molecular to global.
Questions of meaning and values that challenge individual and social life. Joins physical, biological, and social sciences insights with ideas from philosophy and religious studies. Seeks to unite values with knowledge, goodness with truth, religion with science.

Top Magazines (Starter List)
American Scientist
Sigma Xi's Bimontly Magazine (Frosh: Join this Society!). Great Book Reviews.
Magazine of the Union of Concerned Scentists. Data-backed, conservative sustainability policy.
Award-winning general interest science and technology reporting.
Issues in Science and Technology
Public policy in science, engineering, and medicine. Using science for social goals. NAS quarterly.
Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology.
Natural History
Good broad coverage of natural history, including new theories of evolutionary development. Famous debate in December-January 1998 issue between Simon Conway Morris and Stephen Jay Gould about evolutionary convergence.
The leading British newsmagazine of science. A bit more accessible than Science.
New Scientist
Science and technology coverage, with a speculative edge. Sometimes implausible, often intriguing.
New York Times
Excellent popular coverage of sci-tech. Tuesdays: Science, Thursdays: Technology.
Popular Science
Covers current and emerging technologies, including a section on the newest and upcoming gadgets. Always a little ahead of the curve, though usually not more than 5-10 years. 
Pro-science investigative reporting promoting science, rationality, and democracy.
Psychology Today
Good popular, intro-level discussion of psychological sciences and their applications.
The top weekly newsmagazine of science. A bit heavy on specialist language.
Science News
Weekly digest of research findings in science and medicine. Short, accurate. 75 year history.
Scientific American
The traditional benchmark in science reporting. Nice, technical focus, with top authors
Seed: Science as Culture
Very hip. Explores the deep ideas, personalities, and cultural effects of science.
Other Lists:

Technology (Engineering, Infotech, Sociotech, Cognotech, Biomedtech) Periodicals
- Sites, Lists, and Selections 

Top Journals (Starter List)
IEEE Intelligent Systems
Good bimonthly reporting on real-world developments in AI. 
IEEE Robotics and Automation
Broad quarterly coverage on practical robotic and automation technology applications. 
Journal of Robotic Systems
Basic and applied research on the analysis, design, realization, and use of robots, robot components, and robot systems. Emphasis on robot system design and integration.
Nanotechnology Perceptions
Technical issues and social implications of nanotech and ultraprecision engineering. Collegium Basilea in Basel, CH.
R&D Management
Articles address the interests of both practicing managers and academic researchers in R & D and innovation management
Research Technology Management
Covering industrial innovation, from R&D, through product development to marketing. 
Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 
Analysis and assessment of technologies, their potentialities and impacts, and methodological tools to identify and analyze key scientific and technological developments.
Technological Forecasting & Social Change
Methodology and practice of technological forecasting and foresight as planning tools. Excellent foresight/forecasting emphasis.
Technology and Culture
Quarterly interdisciplinary journal of the Society for the History of Technology. 
A journal of statistics for the physical, chemical, and engineering sciences. Improving quality and understanding of the mfg & R&D processes. American Statistical Assn

Top Magazines (Starter List) 
American Heritage of Invention and Technology
Unparalled coverage of American history of technology. Great writing, beautiful photos. (Forbes)
Big Ideas in Technology (Goodwin Proctor LLP)
A legal and practical guide for innovative tech companies. Twice a year.

Dataquest India
Covering IT development in the emerging Indian outsourcing market.
IEEE Spectrum
Current and future tech trends and developments. From autonomous machines to video games. Great technology foresight.
Information Society Journal
Good broad coverage of sociocultural impact of IT.
Journal of Advancing Technology
University of Advancing Technology's magazine on technology studies and the social dimensions of advancing technology.
Make: Technology On Your Time
Celebrating your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your own will (O'Reilly Publishers).
Manufacturing Automation and Advanced Manufacturing
Canada's leading industrial automation magazine.
New Scientist
Science and technology coverage, with a speculative edge. Sometimes implausible, often intriguing.
New York Times
Excellent popular coverage of sci-tech. Tuesdays: Science, Thursdays: Technology.
R&D Magazine
Leaders in covering the world of research and development. Commercial and institutional.
TRN: Technology Research News
Covers breakthroughs at University, Government, and Corporate Labs.
Technology Review
The leader in technological innovation reporting. Exemplary future awareness.
The Bent
Magazine of the U.S. national engineering honor society, Tau Beta Pi.
The digerati's culture, opinion, and technology magazine. Trendy, excellent future focus.
Other Lists:

Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources Periodicals - Sites, Lists, and Selections 

Top Journals (Starter List)
(Editor needed.) 

Top Magazines (Starter List)
(Editor needed.) 

Economics, Capitalism, Finance, Globalization, and Innovation Periodicals - Sites, Lists, and Selections 

Top Journals (Starter List)
Harvard Business Review (Harvard U
National and global management thought and practice, analyzed by top scholars and executives.
Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research
Science and technology futures and innovation articles.
International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development (Inderscience)
Balances the two great political forces, innovation and sustainability. Applied at the organizational and policy/social levels.

Journal of Business Forecasting (IBF)
Practical analysis and skill development for business-forecasting practitioners.
Journal of Organizational Change Management (Emerald)
Venue for alternative philosophies of organizational change and development, including critical theory, postmodernism, qualitative analysis, ecology, rhetorics and theatrics.
Journal of Organizational Transformation and Social Change (intellect)
Broad scope relative to OD and SC, including the learning organization, knowledge management, human resources, cybernetics and systems theory, sociology.
Long Range Planning (Elsevier)
A leading international journal of strategic management, aimed at senior managers (UK).
Organization Science (INFORMS)
Broad scope of interest relative to the organization. Organization theory, strategic management, sociology, economics, political science, history, information science, systems theory, communication theory, artificial intelligence, and psychology.

Organization Studies (Sage)
Multidisciplinary study of organizations, organizing, and "the organized in and between societies." Diverse and pluralistic in scope.
Strategy + Business (BAH)
One of the best U.S. business strategy quarterlies. Strong foresight focus. 

Top Magazines (Starter List)
Advertising Age/American Demographics
Market research and consumer trends insights.

Business 2.0
Introductory coverage of the new economy. Breezy writing, poor science knowledge.

Business Ethics
Real-life management and policy dilemmas, socially responsible solutions.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek
America's leading business news magazine. Comprehensive, great writing, good analysis.
Chief Executive
Broad, high level analysis of corporate management, innovation, and growth issues.
Chief Learning Officer
Covering the new workforce e-Learning and employee training technologies.
Great information technology coverage. Senior level, accessible.
Magazine of the American Academy of Actuaries. Good data-backed forecasting models and process.
Best weekly news and business analysis for top execs and opinion leaders. Great international coverage. Quarterly technology review.
Fast Company
Discovering the new rules of business in a world of accelerating efficiency and innovation.
Personalities and issues of modern business. Good lists, future trend exploration.
Innovative business ideas, wide and deep business coverage, sophisticated writing.

Small business resources for the entrepreneur.
Information Week
Excellent broad converage of commercial events in the information economy. News over analysis.

Inventor's Digest
Leading magazine for developing, protecting, and marketing your new idea.
KM World
Leading magazine for content, document, and knowledge management issues. Future focused. 
OR/MS Today
Operations research and the management sciences. "The science of better." 
Red Herring
Business of technology reporting. Insider and strategic focus.
Supply Chain Management Review
Art and science of moving goods to market. SCM automation. Reed. 

Wall Street Journal
Perhaps the best daily newspaper of U.S. domestic business activities. Superior coverage and analysis.

Other Lists: 

Politics, Security, Democracy, Rights, Health Care, and Sustainability Periodicals - Sites, Lists, and Selections 

Top Journals (Starter List)
(Editor needed.)

Top Magazines (Starter List)
American Prospect
Liberal philosophy, politics, and public life. Intelligent and complex.
Annual Review of Political Science
Good monthly overview of political science advances.
Covert Action Quarterly
Liberal coverage of U.S. intelligence activity and global geopolitics.
Foreign Affairs
Nonpartisan foreign policy analysis and recommendations. Published by the Council on Foreign Relations since 1922.
Conservative weekly investigative reporting on Washington, nation.
National Journal
Weekly nonpartisan newsmagazine about American politics and government, written for political and policy professionals. $1800/year, but free academic access.
New Internationalist
Covers global development issues from an international and social justice perspective
New Republic
Top conservative/centrist opinion magazine, with good writing and new ideas (not always practical).
Concise but generic reporting of weekly news. Even more surface-level than Time. Annual technology review.
Nation's leading libertarian (far right) analysis. One alternative to liberal/conservative fare.
Popular weekly journal of Washington politics and opinions, with a future focus.

Culture: Society, Ethics, Media, Art, Design, Education, Religion Periodicals - Sites, Lists, and Selections 

Top Journals (Starter List)
(Editor needed)

Top Magazines (Starter List)
Media manipulation and corporate coersion exposes. Anti-WTO, anarchist sympathies.
American Heritage
Excellent American history, mostly domestic (Forbes).
Winner of more National Magazine Awards than any other U.S. monthly. Excellent, socially relevant articles.
Environmental issues and problems, ecology, conservation, and technology.
Canadian Dimension
A comprehensive, activist-oriented, non-U.S. produced social justice magazine.
E: The Environmental Magazine
Inspirational and empowering coverage, encouraging personal activism.
Journal of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). Good domestic media criticism.
Pub of the University of Phoenix, one of the fastest growing educational enterprises in the U.S. Social and career issues.
Award-winning, socially relevant magazine. Often as good as Atlantic.
Intelligence Report
Magazine of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Actively exposing and litigating against cultural intolerance nationwide.
Mother Jones
Alternative, award-winning, provocative social justice reporting.
Critical social analysis, politically independent, solutions oriented. Since 1865.
National Geographic
Premiere geocultural survey magazine. Strong, accessible historical insights and analysis.
National Review
Conservative political commentary, insight, and news reporting.
New Renaissance
Progressive articles on the future of society, from a humanist, holistic perspective.
New York Times Magazine
Good metropolitan issues, current events, and futures coverage.
On the Horizon
International quarterly journal on the future of postsecondary education. 
News, analysis, and resources magazine dedicated to nonviolent social change.
Prevailing Winds
Good social justice, political scandal, crime, hidden history reporting.
Strong analytical voice for peace and social justice, with activist interviews. Enlightening.
Integral perspective on our emerging global civilization. Left and U.N.-oriented.
Insightful but basic analysis of important events. 30 million subscribers.
US News and World Report
Good issue and trend following at the national and international level.
Utopian Studies (Dept. of English, U of AK)
Scholarly articles on a utopianism, utopian theory, intentional communities. Biannual. 
What is Enlightenment?
Ancient and modern thinking on spiritual and moral potential. Future aware but cultish, centered around a "guru", Andrew Cohen.
World Press Review
English reprints of top news and editorial articles from the foreign press.
Z Magazine
Progressive analysis, commentary, and humor on politics, economics, culture.

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Organizations: Org. Leadership, MgmtInnov, Entrep, Sustain & Developmnt Periodicals - Sites, Lists, and Selections 

Top Journals (Starter List)
(Editor needed.)

Top Magazines (Starter List)
(Editor needed.)

Personal: Family, Relationships, Careers, and Lifestyle Periodicals - Sites, Lists, and Selections 

Top Journals (Starter List)
(Editor needed.)

Top Magazines (Starter List)
"Magazine for intelligent optimists." Smart, sustainability oriented sociopolitical, economic, and technology critique and commentary.
Utne Reader
A guide for balanced living. More than 2,000 alternative media sources.

Realistic Future Fiction Periodicals
- Sites, Lists, and Selections 
[In realistic future fiction (RFF) the substantial majority of the plot feels like it actually could happen in the future, under the right circumstances. Most fantasy and science fiction is entertaining, but not realistic foresight, except in minor parts.]

Top Journals (Starter List)
(Editor needed.)

Top Magazines (Starter List)
Online magazine on trends, ideas, and visions of possible futures. Publisher, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

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