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1. Positive (Inspiring, Insightful, Clarifying, or Cool)

Try2004 Pyramid City 

Tokyo Bay. When I say massive, I mean it. Godzilla would have a tough time wrecking this structure, because at 2,004 m tall, it would stand 12 times higher than the pyramids of Giza. Population growth is projected by the Cenus Bureu to grow at 7.1 percent until the year 2050. This number is only alarming if a solution is not found. Will, perhaps, the great pyramids of Egypt hold the answer to the future of modern cities? There have been many recent designs and models of future city communities. Self contained capsules, gigantic above the clouds towers, hovering bubbles, and now a pyramid are all some of the concocted solutions. -Levar H-

One Laptop Per Child
$100 laptop
Fancy a brand new hand-cranked laptop for a few hundred bucks? Well, it may just happen. It seems plans are afoot to offer the $100 laptop for sale to the general public, and not just the poor children of the world. They have plan to deliever these computers to children in 3rd world countries. -levar h-

Here's some Non-Lethal for you
Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki
More Stun technology. This new 12 guage shotgun round is being developed for non lethal use but it can incompasitate the victim without permanate damage.
-Garrett Pickering

Let Your C-Legs Do The Walking prosthetic league

these prosthetic leg can, using in depth algorithoms, determain precisly at what angle the knee needs to bend when walking, running, or even climbing stairs. the micro chip is embeeded in the knee of these lithium powered legs. =joshua hight

Cyborg-style 'iLimb' hand a big hit with Iraq veteran

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki 
The device is operated in relatively conventional myo-electric fashion, by reading electrical muscle signals generated in the remaining limb of the user. (Miguel Almendariz)

Wierd watch
Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki
Picture from
This is a watch form japan that locks into the correct time with satallites(no very futury I know) but the cool thing about it is it doesn't use numbers to convey time it has two lines that represent the minutes and hours read the article for more info on it.-Disgaeafreak

Future Bedroom
Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

"In Bill Gates' bedroom of the future, you carry around your mobile computing device, controlling your connected experience like a video game played on a multi-wall-sized screen. Microsoft has been touting the multi-screen user experience, providing more surface area to handle all the multitasking and brain expansion that software affords." - W. Alex Plageman

Quantum Computer

Quantum Computer 
D-Wave delivers on quantum computer demo promise
I have been pretty sure that this would be happening for a while, so I decided to post about quantum computers. A company is actually claiming they have already made a quantum computing core. Experts are still skeptical since it has only been demo'ed by its developers. If they have in fact created a quantum computer core. We should be seeing these hit the market starting at the end of next year according to the plans D-Wave has made public.
-Jeffrey Geer

Sony Announces Paper Thin TV Screen

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki
The screen is a 2.5" display and amazingly only 0.3mm thick (about 0.01") and the video seems to be very high quality. 
You can easily see this leading to ever thinner cell phones, video iPods and other similar applications.- Miguel Almendariz

This is a future ring that Nokia has been working on. It is the new and improved mood ring. Instead of having to read and memorize the colors of a mood ring so you will know your mood. A tiny electronic screen will display a common symbol for certain emotions a person could be feeling. Michael Stringfellow

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This is a future concept for a device to work on motherboards. Why it is created to look like a wasp or hornet is not clearly stated. My opionion is that it is capable of flying around on the motherboard and putting in the micro transistors it takes to make up a motherboard. = Michael Stringfellow

"Human 2.0" 

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

A familar face to robotics enthusiasts, this humanoid robot is the most advanced of its kind with the ability to walk up to 3.7 mph, climb and grasp objects as well as obey simple commands. - Steven Janca

Flying Car
Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki
A prototypeMoller Skycar M400. The company behind this vehicle is currently taking pre orders for this wonderful machine and is expected to deliver in 2009 or 2010. 
This car can be driven on land or can take off for some high flying action. This and other future cars can be found here
-Bernard Clary

The future of drilling your teeth.
Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

This looks pretty awesome, it’s a concept for the future of the dental chair. Its weird design is meant to ease the mind of the patients, while making it very simple and easy to clean and keep properly sterile. 
Most of the medical implements are hidden, yet easily accessible. I’d sit in that. – Nick Shaw

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

This is a cool concept of a future aircraft much like the ones today taking people all over the world, only this one has the ability to go into space. Space travel is an interesting topic, and this is something you should most certainly look for in the future. -Brad Stein

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

This is another interesting device, it is a wrist watch that is also a phone as well as a desktop clock. This is more than likely the future of cell phones. -Brad Stein

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki
Virtual Reality systems have come and gone in the past but with advances in graphical technology as well as leaps in screens and wireless technology may sometime in the future create the most convincing simulation ever.
-Parish Regn-Stillwaggon

Future Train or Magnetic Railway Transportation
Image:Shanghai Transrapid 002.jpg
I believe this is another great example of future things to come when it comes to transportation. I simply think it is amazing that we can create an magnetic rail way system that is much faster then today's Locomotives and Trains. The record speed achieved by one of these is 361 mph which is incredibly fast. The site doesn't state when this peice of technology will released into public, but i can definitly see it emerge in the next decade or so. I believe this deserves to be up on the list of potential future technologys. -Eric Fisher


Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki
A rocket that is designed to carry passengers into the Earth's orbit. Its part of a Space Tourism program that started in 1993.
-Chris Shaw

Head-Mounted Displays
As we move into the future, lightweight and unobtrusive head-mounted displays will allow us quick and easy access to any data we want when combined with the Internet. This will allow implementation of Augmented Reality systems, where metadata about things you see in the real world is overlayed onto your vision. -Bill Nega


Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

Ray-tracing is a method of computer graphics rendering that involves emulating individual rays of light and how they bounce off objects. It is the only rendering technique capable of literally photorealistic graphics. It's actually been around for quite some time, dating back to the 1980s, but rendering a single high-resolution frame even on today's machines can take minutes at a time. Will computers eventually become fast enough to perform this technique in real-time? 
-R. Armijo

Swarm AI
As our computer processors become more powerful, and our algorithms become more refined, models for using many weak but cheap and numerous computers to perform complex tasks will become increasingly popular. One particular aspect of swarm intelligence applications is expected with military drones. -Bill Nega

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

This a new concept by Canon for a camera that fits snuggly around your finger. -Coleman Saitta

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

This is a concept photo of a picture phone that has super quality and is super thin. - Coleman Saitta

A render of a prototype space shuttle shuttle. In this case one used to go to the moon. Coleman Saitta

Future gaming accessory
Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki 
This accessory gives the player a good 3D view of the game, as well as stereo headphones and microphone to truly immerse the player. Although it’s only available for PC, soon it might come to console game playing as well. – Eduardo Aguirre 

Invisibility Cloak (REAL)

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

According to LiveScience, scientists "have created a cloaking device that can reroute certain wavelengths of light, forcing them around
objects like water flowing around boulders in a stream." - William McMullen

HAL-5 Robot Suit

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki
This robot suit allows anyone who wears it, the potential to lift up to 10-times the weight they normally could. 
Production will be limited to just 20-units in 2007 and 400-500 units in 2008.

Future Military Armor
The robo-warrior
Here are some new developments on military armor that are said to come as soon as 2020. - Donovan Velez

Mazda Taiki Concept
This site expolre the possibilities of computer ineeligence. - Donovan Velez

2. Mixed/Uncertain (Complex, Multifaceted, Positives and Negatives, Meaning Unclear)

Computers in your pocket
Pen computer
This is a completely fuctional computer complete with a virtual keyboard and projection monitor. This device will most likely be very expensive at first but soon enough everyone will be able to carry around a computer in their pants. I'm hoping they replace cell phones as I've been waiting to leapfrog the cell phone craze myself but this device is even more micronized and potentially more dangerous.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki
discussion about AI. artificial inteligence or actual inteligence? =joshua hight

Advanced Technology Services Derived from Aerospace Systems

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki
Innovation expertise and services for the creation and development of future technology capability covering a broad spectrum of industry needs. 
From hardware to software development, sensing systems to synthetic environments.- Miguel Almendariz

future car Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki of cours there are many designs for future cars, well this is another one and more can be found at the site.this one looks kinda flimsy and would be devastating if your were to crash it but saves tons of energy.= joshua hight

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki
This what future scentist predict the Ferrari will look like some time in the near furture. They also believe that with this design the car will be less harmful on the enviorment and it will also be eletrically powered.
Michael Stringfellow

RX9 Concept
The rx9 is the successor to mazda's rx-7 and rx-8. Though the concept sadly replaces it's rotary motor with a hybrid v6. The remarkable parts about this concept are it's electrostatic collection nodes, regenerative braking, and most of all adaptive tire technology which can change tread pattern and depth on the fly.
Parish Regn-Stillwaggon

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki A safer motorcycle that can transport two people. It has a roll cage and uses side wheels to balance it.-Matt Dumouchel

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki The Jeep RENEGADE uses a lithium-ion battery pack with a BLUETEC diesel engine, which help it get 
110 miles per gallon - Matt Dumouchel 

3. Negative (Disturbing, Angering, Scary, or Uncool)

Army of Robot Sex Slaves
Robot sex slave
Once virtual sex becomes cheaper than dating humanity will be doomed to extinction and currently experts are predicting 2016 as the release date for the robot sex slave. 
This will most likely lead to women becoming more objectified, people being more isolated, and the commercials for this product alone will be enough to rate this as a disturbing future.


The Toyota Roller
Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki
This vechile said to be the next wave of transportation umm yeah right i doubt anyone wants to be going 30mph on the streets in this plus its worst if its a accident. A better idea is a wheelchair more faster and smaller so its able to get around tight conrner unlike the wheel chair and at least its a little more protective than a wheelchair.-Darnell Gill

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

Versatile Interactive Pan has a voice activated seat, automatic flush and can contact a doctor via the internet at the first sign of a problem.
A toilet with internet access is definitely the future. I hope I don't heat dial up noises when I flush.
-Parish Regn-Stillwaggon

Robo Man
Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

Great idea to give the people who are unable to move their legs or arms with technology. To give them a chance to be like a regular human and do the same things we do. Yet what happen when that person wants to be better than the rest and they know they can cause they have a higher level of endure or call it whatever you want. I mean if i had that power ill smack anyone across the room cause they got on my nerve and ill be ready to fight cause i can just up my strength any time i want right.=Darnell Gill

Our Future Plane

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

Ok one who will want to sit in a round space ship for a future plane. Although it may be faster as hell but their is always a chance it might not worth it and the fact thats it's going to cause alot of money to get this made and make it better than a regular airplane.-Darnell Gill

Space Station

Just a concept photo of a future space station i found using google images. The search term as future space station. I think once NASA builds the mag lev and we start using it
the next focus will be on being able to build things in space. - Brooke Beresford

Self guided missle

A future extension of the self guided missle. If its as big as it looks then it certianly could drop huge amounts of payload , from supplies to an actual weapon. - Brooke Beresford

"God's Eye View" 
Robotic Insect Spy

A life saving premise? Or a scary one? Imagine a world where you could be spied on from any environment no matter how small. Although it would have its advantages in search and rescue
what price do will we pay for privacy? - Steven Janca

The house of tomorrow

Econimical and enviormentally friendly house of the future, i expect many of us will be living in half in the ground and half out. - Brooke Beresford

The Future Toilet

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

Behold the future of toilets. this is Steve Jobs' concept toilet for the iHouse. There will be no Windows* in the iHouse.

Concept Cars (From Volkswagen)

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

I decided to include this pic because it shows how we are merging style and aerodynamics into the cars of the future.

The cockpit of the new Mercedes Benz F200 Prototype does not have a steering wheel or peddles. just 2 joysticks. -William McMullen

The Ideal Car of the Future
Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki
This, my friends, is the air car. It runs on compressed air, plucked right out of the sky, and its only waste is 0*C air! 
The tank only takes 2 mins. to refill and it can drive for 6 hours on that 1 tank at speeds of up to 200km/hr.

The World's Tallest Building

Tech Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki

This enormous structure is being built in Dubai. It will stand about 850 meters when it is finished. Thats over 2550 feet!