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1. Positive (Inspiring, Insightful, Clarifying, or Cool)

2. Mixed/Uncertain (Complex, Multifaceted, Positives and Negatives, Meaning Unclear)

Toroidal Colony

Space Colony 
Toroidal Colony
Personal I think the idea of space colonies is exciting, and I am greatly disappointed that I probably will never get to go to one in my lifetime. But, others don't look to them like I do. Some dread them, and others will hate them just because they would think it is "unnatural" to live in space and all the other excuses that might come up. This also could cause great global strife. Just look at what happened when Europeans started colonizing the rest of the world. There were wars everywhere. While space is different with that we won't encounter any indigineous species like on Earth (at least we don't know of any for the moment), but the countries of Earth will try to vie for dominance over this new frontier.
-Jeffrey Geer

Future Car
Multidisciplinary Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki
This is a picture of a future care in design currently. It is supposed to be run on hydrogen and have different operations of control then cars do today. I think this is a great time to start looking into future care development and see how the gasoline problem will be solved with these hydrogen run cars. The site from this picture said that they will expect them to be developed in the near future, thought they didn't give an exact date. -Eric Fisher

Future Housing
I think this idea of future houses being able to float on water is incredible. I find this to be occuring now in Europe because of the rising tides, people want to be prepared and these houses are that key.These houses are building over a foundation that can go up with the tides and go down as like an elavator sequence, and they are expected to last 100 years and be able to get fixed at a local dock if there is any problems. Glad to see something this future like in my life time and i believe it will have huge impacts on how people choose their houses and their locations as well.
-Eric Fisher

3. Negative (Disturbing, Angering, Scary, or Uncool)