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1. Positive (Inspiring, Insightful, Clarifying, or Cool)

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Instead of a new source of energy, this is a new way to use ut. This pad will allow you to be able to charge devices without wires. We will finally have wireless power, and soon it could even be done over longer distances (up to about 16 feet) with a transmitter and antenna. – Eric Kaplan 

Crowd Energy:
Crowd Energy

Two Students at MIT's school of engineering game up with an idea of using crowds to supply energy. Using seperate blocks that rise up and down as people step, the friction from the moving blocks generates electricity. This can be used to power street lights, amplifiers at rock concerts, and a variety of things. - Aaron J. Otrin

Ford Reflex
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Ford's next design. Solar panels on top of the car recharge the car's batteries while you drive down the road. The use of solar power increases the car's overall economy. 
-Chris Shaw

Future Island

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It is and artificial island how cool is that!!! Someone is actually planing to make one of these. I would like to go to one after its built and whatever else need be done with it.-Disgaeafreak

Future laundry machine?

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Its a washing machine that cleans without water. It supposed to use ions and other fun stuff like that and it can be placed anywhere in your home. It should help with resources (no water) so thats why it is here.-Disgaeafreak

New Solar Panels

Cheap Solar Panels 
Typical solar panels are expensive and too rigid to use in most buildings. This new technology supposedly fixes all that with flexible solar panels that can be applied more easily by rolling them out. It can follow curves that typical panels cannot and the company claims to get the cost pet watt of energy down from $3.00 to $0.30. - Cody Ziegler

Sphelar Solar Energy Cells

How it works 

Sphelar Die Module
A Kyoto based company named Kyosemi is redesigning the function of traditional solar cells. The cells we currently have can only get energy from light rays coming from a certain angle. They often need complex machines to rotate the panels into an angle they can recieve energy from. The Sphelar can take light from all angles as well as reuse reflected light efficiently.(Source: The Future in a Tiny Sphere) - Kristopher Velez

Nuclear Fusion

Artist Depiction 
An Endless Supply of Green Energy Coming from Europe: HiPER circa 2030This is the solution we should be pursuing to solve the energy crisis that is rapidly developing as we use more and more energy. If people would turn to overcoming the obstacles that are in the way of Nuclear Fusion, everything would work out. Not only is Nuclear Fusion "green," unlike Nuclear Fission, it also produces vastly more energy. The main obstacles are how to contain such a wild reaction (it is basically a miniature sun!) and how to reach the extreme tempratures that make fusion possible (or how to get pass that req, i.e. Cold Fusion).-Jeffrey Geer

Fusion Reactor
Fusion Reactor
Fusion energy may prove to be a clean alternative to coal energy and safer than nuclear (fission) energy. Additionally, theoretically fusion reactions can generate more energy than even fission can. -R.J. Jundt

Wind Energy
Envir, Energy, Resources Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki
A few of the fans being put up in Ohio for their new energy program. Within then next 10 years, Ohio plans to pu a system in place where 10 percent of the states total energy comes from wind energy. More about the plan can be read here
- Bernard Clary

Future Building
Future Tower
Source - From an article on fortune future.
"Imagine a building that makes oxygen, distills water, produces energy, changes with the seasons—and is beautiful. In effect, that building is like a tree, standing in a city that is like a forest. -- By William McDonough
Basically this building will be self sufficent and very kind to the environment, getting the energy needed to run it and care for the people inside it from the environment. - John Cross

Envir, Energy, Resources Images - ForesightDevelopment@UAT-CourseWiki Solar scooter. This image is the image of the bike stopped. When moving the solar panels move to the back.-Matt Dumouchel 

Future “Green” Building
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Source: ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom This is an artist's rendering of a future building that is very efficient and environmentally-friendly, using wind turbines on top of it to lower it’s energy consumption. It is to be built in Paris sometime within the next decade. – Eduardo Aguirre

See-through Concrete
Sidewalklight up
Source: Litracon
Literally a translucent piece of concrete.LiTraCon© is an average concrete stone-block, really. It just turns out to be light conducting through its embedded glassfibers. From one side to the other light passes the stone without any significant loss and illuminates the darker side of the stone. Shadows are transmitted and shown in precise shapes on the opposite surface. So, you can make translucent walls in your homes now, so that everyone can see your shadow moving anywhere and no where. Walking home at night won't be so scary either..
-Paul Ardiles

The Arcosanti Project
Source: The Arcosanti Project
This new roofing style is a membrane that protects buildings from sun rays and includes columns that incase trees that will further shade buildings during hot summer months. Currently, this project is being built in the hot desert of our very own, Arizona. Not sure when it will be complete since the website hasn't had a news update since 2004.
-Christopher Sell

2. Mixed/Uncertain (Complex, Multifaceted, Positives and Negatives, Meaning Unclear)

Building a home with Style!
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This is a house modeled after the stages of a butterfly. Can you believe that? But let's be honest. This isn't necessarily the most helpful thing in the world. But it doesn't really have to be. The houses of old are just so boring! It's time to energize the living space, from both the outside and inside! This particular butterfly house is just an example of how our current architecture can be so whimsical while still remaining functional. The future of home and architectural design is already beginning, one larva at a time. -Paul Ardiles

Sustainable Energy
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"the assessment of current and potential future energy systems is covered in this course and includes topics on resources, extraction, conversion, and end-use, with emphasis on meeting regional and global energy needs in the 21st century in a sustainable manner. Different renewable and conventional energy technologies will be presented and their attributes described within a framework that aids in evaluation and analysis of energy technology systems in the context of political, social, economic, and environmental goals." - W. Alex Plageman

Wind Dam
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This innovative, ghostlike structure is a wind dam, a sail-like structure to harness wind energy, and thought to be the first of its kind in the world. If the project is given the green light, the $5 million dam, which is designed by British architect Laurie Chetwood, will be going up next year on Lake Ladoga, in the northwest of Russia.The dam consists of a spinnaker sail, similar to the mainsail of a yacht, which captures the wind, funneling it through a turbine and generating energy. Measuring 75 meters wide and 25 meters high, the dam may be joined by a second one in a gorge further up the valley. Mr Chetwood, the dam's creator, thinks that the sail looks like a bird dipping its beak into the water. "It will be much less of a blot on this beautiful and unblemished landscape," he claims, adding that the sail will be more effective than other methods of harvesting energy. "It replicates the work of a dam and doesn't let the wind escape in the way it does using traditional propellers. -MustanshioMcHatman

Clean Coal:
Clean Coal
Capturing and Containing coal is a way to reduce coal plant emissions by up to 90%. Sounds exciting? The problem is what do you do with all the carbon dioxide, some say to put it in the ocean, however that would increase the acidicy of the oceans. Some say to store it in landfills but that isn't a permanent solution. Other say to put it in the ground and yet negative effects may come from that. Also clean coal plants can cost from 10-40% more than traditional coal plants to operate. Meaning the power plants would have to willing to make the investment in clean coal, however at this point in time that seems rather unlikely. - Aaron J. Otrin

3. Negative (Disturbing, Angering, Scary, or Uncool)

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Trash Vortex:
There is a spot in the Pacific Ocean that has a vortex created from the surrounding currents. Trash that falls out to the ocean comes out to here most of the time and remains in the vortex. For more information check out the second episode of the show Wired Science. - Brant Hestrup

Polar Bear Crisis
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This is the future for many polar bears if Global Warming isn’t stopped. Global Warming, or “climate change” if you prefer, is causing many ice floes to melt, leaving many polar bears stranded away from land in increasing distances, making them have to swim longer and longer, sometimes even more than they’re physically capable.- Eduardo Aguirre