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1. Positive (Inspiring, Insightful, Clarifying, or Cool)
Chinese National Grande Theatre
The Chinese National Grande Theatre:
Part of China's plan to become a cultural global superpower, the Chinese National Grande Theatre is a great example of futuretechture. Not only does it have a futuristic look but the structure has no supporting pillars, thus making it a tremendous feat of engineering. There is no outside enterance, in order to enter the theatre you need to go through a tunnel that goes underneath the theatre's pool. - Aaron J. Otrin

Future Schools
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This is a 3D model of a future classroom thought up by the BBC Newsround. They believe that teachers of the future will use electronic whiteboards instead of projectors or regular whiteboards to help teach students. This and other pictures of a potential future school can be foundhere
- Bernard Clary

Freedom Ship
The Freedom Ship is a plan to create a ship that 50,000 people can live on. The biggest problem it faces at the moment is the length(3 times as big as any current ship) and cost, coming in it at $12 billion there are few that can pay for such an ambitious idea. - Aaron J. Otrin

2. Mixed/Uncertain (Complex, Multifaceted, Positives and Negatives, Meaning Unclear)
London Bridge - Surveillance
London Bridge - Artsy Surveillance:
It's not falling down. Instead, the storied span has been rigged with motion sensors. "We monitored all the movement of people going across London Bridge and played it back as a matrix of colors on the top truss of Tower Bridge a few blocks away," says designer Jason Bruges. The installation also detects every phone with a visible Bluetooth connection and projects a color unique to the Bluetooth address. Although the artsy display on the London Bridge is nice, the means by which the display is... displayed is rather disturbing. Turning surveillance into something impressive may just be a means to make the people forget what the surveillance is for. - Aaron J. Otrin

Sky City, Tokyo

Sky City, Tokyo

Sky City, Tokyo:

This is an image of Takenaka Corporation's pet project, the "Sky City". This is an attempt at moving towards a solution to Japan's problem of overcrowding. It would be a 1000+ meter tall (2/3 mile) super structure that will house 35,000 and provide workspace for 100,000 daily workers. Apparently it has been under consideration as early as 1989 when it was featured on CNN's "This Week in Japan", if not earlier. Buildings such as this could signal the move from sprawl-layouts of urban areas to true skyscrapers. I put this in the "Uncertain" column for the fact that, even though every consideration is being made for the safety of the structure and its inhabitants, I can't help but think that accidents are bound to happen on a project this size. It would most definitely be a glaring target for terrorism, and will be subject to unstable terrain, high wind, fire hazard, etc. Not to mention, it will take an astounding amount of resources to construct this behemoth; while I agree that it would be cool as hell, I can't help but wonder how long this planet's resources can support super-massive projects like this, especially when the next step they want to take it to is combine three of them together into one mini-city reaching high into the sky. Any project like this is a logistical nightmare, not to mention several of them. -- Steve Olender

3. Negative (Disturbing, Angering, Scary, or Uncool)