How You Can Help

Are you a foresight-interested grad student, alum, educator, employer, or a general advocate of foresight? Consider being a Volunteer Editor a few hours a month this year to help us improve this Directory. Make it your own best place to bookmark interesting foresight links, for yourself and everyone.

How You Can Help
  • Share your knowledgePost good foresight links and one-line descriptions to one or more of our main wiki pages, listed to the left. Email us (see below) for access.
  • Connect with other foresight colleaguesJoin one or more of our social networks to discuss foresight topics. Make more professional friends.
  • Start a Fusion Group for personal foresight. Meet with goal- and growth- oriented friends for personal growth and foresight in a monthly and annual Fusion Group.
  • Start a Future Salon in your town. Get together with idea, learning, and action oriented friends to discuss trends, issues, innovations, ideas, hear interesting speakers, and build collective foresight.   

Editors Needed! 
To get editing privileges on this wiki, email the wiki moderators, susanchesleyfant{at}gmail{dot}com or 
johnsmart{at}accelerating{dot}org, with a brief paragraph on your background and why you'd like to help, and ask us for editing access. We are always looking for more foresight students, professionals, grads, and advocates to post here, to work with, and to help the global foresight community.